Monday, June 15, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Levi Johnston Is The Luckiest Man On Earth!

I tried real hard to ignore this non-issue, but I understand that David Letterman is going to apologize to Tracy Flick and her knocked-up daughter for making a joke and thus, I cannot let this go any longer. I know that Dave has more class in his sneakers than the entire Alaskan first family and because of this, he will say "I'm sorry". Yet, he has nothing to be sorry about. He made a joke about an 18 year old woman who was used by her atrocious mother to further her own political career. He made a joke about an 18 year old woman who sat at the Republican convention with Baby's Daddy and pretended to be in love. He made a joke about an 18 year old woman who had her baby, preached abstinence, and allowed her disgraceful mother to run baby's daddy off the reservation.

People like Governor Mooselini and her whatever the hell he does beaten down Tawwwwd are the very definition of the Alaskan dream. Citizens of Alaska are on the run from something, they hide out and try not to be noticed, they live in the cold with a Husky named Simka and they like snow. In other words, they be crazy. While the citizens of Alaska hide, people like Bible Spice, with no shame, rise out of the snowdrift and take over. The Alaskan Dream. Anybody can grow up and govern Alaska, and the Talibunny is proof positive.

So I know Dave has already said he was sorry. Will it be good enough for the Wicked Witch of the North? What do you think? Not a chance because Snowjob Squareglasses is a media whore. She is the type of person who believes the cheers of a few misfits and bitter horny white men (hey Rush wassup?) are the mood of the country. We all know the Shrilla from Wasilla is a blip. She thinks big, I'll give the Bride of Toddenstein that. Like I stated before, I hope she runs in 2012. I really do. If I was insane, I'd even consider changing parties and voting for her in the primaries. But I am confident Myth Alaska will begin to fade.

So Dave, I understand the apology. The joke really wasn't that funny anyway. You should have said that during the 7th inning of the Yankees game, A-Rod knocked up Northern Overexposure herself. Now that would have shut the Iditabroad up.


Jack Jodell said...

HAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA!!! MD, thank you for some of the best belly laughs I've had in a loooonnnnngggg time! Your descriptive adjectives for that pathetic princess of publicity Palin were hilarious and I'm still laughing as I write! Yeah, young Levi IS the luckiest guy on earth to have left THAT utterly ridiculous clan!

Sarah Palin is a total phony. All this crap about the Palins being regular, average, middle class folks is a big load of bull. She may shop at a cheap used goods store, but they make damn good money, well above the average. They are NOT struggling like most Americans are! No regular, average, middle class family names their sons Track, Trig, Tripp, Trek, Trunk, Trogg, or whatever other preposterous names the Palins have come up with. Those people are wackos! No other regular, average, middle class family parades their knocked-up teenage daughter in front of a live national TV audience as a model of family values. And no responsible, regular, average, middle class American mother exploits her kids solely for national attention and political gain as does publicity slut Sarah Palin. This is a despicable, self-centered immature little girl in a 45 year old shell who has no moral scruples at all. She is deserving of every bit of ridicule both you and Letterman have given her. "Northern Overexposure" to be sure---I've already had a lifetime supply of her!

Project Christopher said...

MD, my stomach hurts from laughing. I still say you need to do the alphabet game with her... I'm impressed! I can't decide which is my favorite, Tallibunny or Snowjob Squareglasses!