Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fore? No,I'll Take Five More Beers!

I really dislike golf. My feelings on the so-called sport of golf are better expressed by geniuses on youtube, but anyway it seems golf has been invaded this weekend by the sort of fan the rest of us baseball,football and basketball fans already endure. The beer swilling drunk. Oh the humanity!!!

Ever watch golf on TV? George Carlin said it was like watching flies uhhhh fornicate. I suggest it wasn't even that exciting. My parents would watch golf every weekend like it was some sort of message from the mountaintop. I didn't get it . Oh, when Jack Nicklaus won the Masters when he was 50 or whatever, that may have been history, or when that Frenchman went all Tin Cup in the British Open. that was just comedy, but 99.9 % of all golf is guys walking and walking and announcers pretending to be right there whispering as not to disturb the precious golfer.

Tommy Lasorda once said something about golfers not really being athletes because they don't have to put up with 50,000 people hollering that they suck or words to that effect. I agree. Now that drunks have apparently infiltrated the country club, and I'm not speaking of John Daly, well, welcome to athletics, Tiger. Let's see what you can do now.

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