Sunday, October 16, 2016

I Am No Longer Amused!

Was it here? Maybe it was here? Or here? No no it was here? Nah it was here?

There are so many moments in which I threw up my hands, went that's it, and blew Donald J Trump off as finished. But the monster created by a complicit media dying for ratings, a base of uneducated morons created 50 years ago, and a fear factor so great I'd rather eat hissing cockroaches than be around them continues to lumber forward and take down the entire country rather than just be a decent loser.

For months, no years, I've put up with this clown of a man, "firing" people on his fake reality show, bullying timid contestants who kept calling him "Mister Trump" as opposed to "Mister Asshole", letting him promote himself with failed runs at the presidency. Oh he's so cute, look at him. He's such an entertaining clown with that piss colored straw on his head and his blustery way of conducting himself.

But it was this week. This week. That I finally blew my stack at the fact, the fucking fact, that this joker is one step out of leader of the free world. And despite all his fuck ups and appalling behavior, 40% of this country still plans on voting for him and 15-20 states will actually give a majority of their votes to this horrible human being.

I am in awe. In awe of the stupidity of some who live here. The willingness of some to crawl out from under the rocks they reside under, and openly express their asshole-ness as "telling it like it is". Michelle Obama, a classy, decent and intelligent woman said it best when she said, "This is not how decent human beings behave". Right! It isnt how decent people behave.

This bunch of Trump supporters, and I know I sound like a broken record. have shaken me to my core also, FLOTUS. This gang of bigots and assholes and hateful creeps and misogynists and homophobes are now empowered by this horrible man. They are not going away. On November 9th, after this deplorable man has been thrown into the heap of loser history, they will still be here. Screaming and acting like bloviating monsters and threatening to shoot candidates, these nuts will still be hollering. And yes, most will crawl back under their rocks and seethe in silence with their talk radio and nutty websites, but many will not. It's those that scare me. That makes me fear for the life of Hillary Clinton.

The Secret Service had better be hiring, cuz if they think the racism of the last 8 years was bad, they aint seen nothing yet. Misogyny will be worse,and will be fully powered by self loathing women like these . You are your own worst enemies, ladies. Try to help a bit here.It'd be nice.

I have fucking had it. This is not funny to me any longer. I am sorry but I see humor in virtually everything. Much of it inappropriate perhaps, but if you dont laugh, you become one of these people. But this aint funny no more.

This horrible man, this angry ego maniacal crazy person has exposed a wound America doesnt need the rest of the world to see. The white supremacy ingrained in these Trump supporters is the problem. The almost genetic inability to walk in other people's shoes is the problem. The deep seeded denial of both of these is the problem. The deeply felt why dont all these people just act white is the problem.

Thanks, Donald J Trump, for taking us back 100 years into a past that was supposed to be shame inducing. But you, like your cult members, have no shame. Have no sense of decency. So I have had it with all of you.

It is not funny any longer, Jimmy Fallon. It is dead fucking serious.

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