Friday, October 28, 2016

Fundy For The Bundy!

Ok I get it now (actually I got it long ago).

I can watch a tape of a bunch of white numb skulls with a love for free government benefits for themselves but for no one else, carry guns (2nd amendment freedom!!) onto federal land (we pay for it dammit even tho none of us pay taxes cuz of freedom!!!!) and occupy it for weeks daring federal infidels to start some sort of confrontation so they can become martyrs to a cause nobody of normal intelligence gets. Whoa wait a minute. Meatheads with guns, brainwashed into a sort of religious fervor, occupying land and wanting to die for a cause no person with a room temp IQ believes in? It's the American ISIS. Idiots Stupid Idiots Stupid. Chrissakes, you got acquitted by the Oregon OJ jury Bundy Boys. Now what? Failures all. Losers. Damn, only dead LaVoy Finicum succeeded in becoming a martyr. Who? Said by everyone outside Trump America.

This bunch of deadbeat morons, charged with conspiracy against the government and possession of firearms on federal land, which of course anybody with two eyes and a working brain can watch tape of for hours and hours, was acquitted of both of the things that you can see. Right there. With your eyes.

Are they happy about this? I mean for people like these, attention whores and leeches, sitting in jail being popular among the dumb and getting free food and lodging cant be all bad. Now, after the acquittal, which made some cavemen lawyer so angry he got himself tazed, these idiots have to go back to whatever cave they live in and survive.

Look, you can be white, and do this, and get set free because a group of people too fucking stupid to get out of jury duty, and probably intimidated by some gun humping freak in the jury room, and get away with whatever you want. But if you are black, or Native American or a woman well then fuck you, get out of the way or you die.

These people are dangerous. They will not stop believing their freedom is being stomped on because of some slight that happened when they werent allowed to freeload off taxpayers and suck the life out of regular people. When Hillary wins, these creeps will be out of control.

So thanks Oregon OJ jury. Empowering these dumb fucks only causes them to buy into a belief that their cause is righteous. The same belief that bubble living Trump voters have that a "secret" vote will propel a groping, lying, con man who had lustful thoughts about his grown daughter into the White House because "everybody I know is voting for Trump".

Good luck America. We are going to need it.

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