Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hello 911? A Nasty Woman Just Assaulted A Moron!

Donald Trump was outpointing his opponent last night as he had done in the previous two brawls, but then the inevitable happened. The real Donald Trump showed back up. And it happened because Donnie T is a sexist prick who is being beaten to a pulp by a broad.

Somewhere in the middle of the debate, after Trump had lasted far longer than in the previous two losses, it happened. Hillary Clinton threw out the bait. Donnie The Shark grabbed the hook because thats what Donnie does.

Hillary stated that The Donald, big talker that he is about building walls and calling an entire country of people "rapists" and murderers, had gone to Mexico and "choked". Oh boy, was that precious or what? Hillary dissed Trump's brains, his guts, and his manhood all in one word. And Donnie T lost it. His brain short circuited and the 1950's asshole that Trump is blasted forth. That dame had kicked him in his nuts and that cannot go unchallenged.

At that point three things defined Donald Trump as the child he is.

His inability to stop his admiration of strongman dictators like Putin and Assad came forth. Hillary baited him again. Calling him a "Puppet". Another slight at Trumps balls and his reaction was priceless. I know you are but what am I? The man is a fucking child.

His inability to concede. Though he pretty much conceded by cracking "good luck with that" at President Hillary, his unwillingness to state he will be gracious in his upcoming destruction was telling. The man is the proverbial child who loses and claims you cheated. You just want to slap him and send him to his golden room to listen to himself talk.

And finally. "What a nasty woman". Nasty as in she just fucking kicked your ass. Again. This bullying meathead has been sliced and diced by a woman so chill, she craps ice cubes. Donnie T is finished. He knows it. You know it. Hillary knows it. Everybody but the racists, sexists, and the chronically dumb know it.

So get that concession speech ready you fucking maniac. You have no idea what your brand is becoming to a vast majority of Americans. Your supporters would never stay at a Trump hotel, go to a Trump casino, or ride that escalator on your overpriced building.

Trump is toxic. Can you imagine running for office in two or four years? A picture of you with that joke of a man will destroy your chances.

So concede you goddamned lecherous creep. It's your only chance to redeem yourself.

And oh yeah. Nice choke job the last three debates!

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