Sunday, October 9, 2016

He Said What?

Well now that we know the line you cannot cross in politics is insulting white women, let us examine the lines you can cross and not suffer any consequences.

Look we know that Donnie T, the walking mouthy diarrhea virus, was never going to win this thing. His supporters are dumb, racist, sexist, homophobic paranoid and did I mention, dumb? It is a 40% ceiling that he has never crossed. And if he lasts thru November 8th, and thats not 100% guaranteed, it is going to be a crushing defeat that may cause the 70 year old creep to leap out of his golden Trump Tower.

How many times during the last year I have exclaimed to anybody close to me "How is this guy still around?"? The number is how ever many days it's been since Iowa crazy people doomed Ted Cruz to a life of cold calling to try and elect a braying jackass. So again, "how is this guy still around?" Just one one day white people temper tantrum away from the Presidency. That's how he is still around? And on November 8th, if non crazy voters figure oh well he's done and dont vote, this country turns into a wasteland of lies and blustering bullshit.

So if the line he finally crossed turns out to be insulting white women, so be it. The insulting Hispanics, blacks, the disabled, protesters, Hispanics, the disabled, Chinese, Germans, women, women women, women, Indians, journalists. his own voters, Hispanics Mark Cuban. women, Penn, Hispanics, and dogs line didnt seem enough to get his bigoted self hating supporters to say whoaaaaaaa and I have my doubts it means anything that he gets caught insulting white women either. But this clod has to be dealt with.

If we dont deal with this loud mouthed lout, more of him will surface. And next time, it may be a better spoken creep of a person who wants to jail gays, force women into uterine slavery, give a gun to every white guy out there, throw pot smokers into jail, make HIV positive humans subject themselves to electrical prods on their scrotums, or as it is known, gay conversion therapy, abolish the minimum wage, and suck the Koch brothers dicks that comes forward to dazzle the ignorant bigots.

And his name is Mike Pence.

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