Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Get It?

Scandal? Really? Scandal? David Letterman is a talk show host, a comedian, a curmudgeon, the equivalent of the guy playing the guitar on the corner for tips. Scandal? Child, please.

Everybody knows the story by now. Some producer at 48 Hours is living with Dave's ex-assistant, found her diary, read it and because he's such a deadbeat Dad decided to try and blackmail Dave for $2 million. Letterman went to the authorities, participated in a sting, gave the guy a fake $2 million, and when the guy, Robert "Joe" Halderman tried to deposit the "money" ,he crossed the line from conspiracy to extortion. He was arrested. Dave "confessed" on the air and that was that. Scandal? Sorry, it's a crime. Stop blaming the victim you Sarah, oops almost, Caribou Barbie freaks. Do you moralists realize how much tail Bob Hope pulled in? You think he was actually overseas to "entertain the troops"? Delores was nowhere to be found. Grow up!

In a sort of related story, one that hasn't been talked about much because of conservative America's need to justify their love of phonies like Todd Palin's soon to be ex, 48 year old Michael Barrett was arrested for secretly taping ESPN sideline eye candy Erin Andrews through a peephole in her hotel room as she stood naked in front of a mirror. Barrett apparently stalked her, got adjoining rooms as often as he could, and jockeyed with a peephole so he could do his taping. The lousy cell phone video showed up on the internet after TMZ refused to buy it and turned this idiot's name over to the FBI. Who knew TMZ had any ethics? Or was it because the cell phone video sucked?

Scandal? Stop it. These incidents were crimes. Both criminals are morons. Letterman and Andrews didn't get where they are by being stupid. Well, one didn't anyway. I heard many conservative guys beg to know where they could find the video of Erin Andrews. These same guys are now outraged at Dave. It just tells me all I need to know about right wing men. The suppression is so deep. Let's hope a tape of a naked Alaskan with glasses and a smug attitude never surfaces. Their heads would explode.

P.S.--- Snowbilly Sarah's "book" is called "Going Rogue"? Are you serious? They named her book after a line by Tina Fey which made us laugh at her? Why not "I Can See Russia From My House"? I can't wait for the English translation.

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Jack Jodell said...

HAAAAAA! "I can't wait for the English translation"---HAAAA!!!! Max's Dad, when it comes to poking fun at "Mooselini", you never fail to crack me up! :)