Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gimme Some Peanuts And Decent Umping!

This was both the dumbest play I've ever seen in a baseball game and then it turned into the worst call I've ever seen in a baseball game. You goddamned umpires are ruining my sport with your shitey calls. Looks to me like two Yankees are tagged out for being off base. That's a double play. It's stupid baserunning. But per the umpire, Tim McClelland, it was only one out because the Yankee being tagged wasn't really tagged as you can plainly see.

It started when Tiger Brandon Ilg was hit by a Twins pitcher, oh no he wasn't. Then Twins Joe Mauer doubled to left, oh no he didn't. Nick Swisher is out at second, oh no he's safe. Nick Swisher scores from third, oh no he's out. Then the single play seen above.

Jesus Christ , I'm the only baseball fan left. Don't make start liking the NHL.

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Jack Jodell said...

Max's Dad,
I, too, have HAD it with umpires! They have FAR too much power and control in the game of baseball. If these guys can be absolute dictators on the field (and they ARE), can throw players, managers, and coaches out of a game for as little as crinkling their nose at them, and can utilize a zero-tolerance policy toward dissent on the field, I say we fans, who pay their salaries, ought to have a zero-tolerance policy toward blown calls and irregular strike-calling behind the plate. MLB should mandate that, should an umpire blow a call, he's OUTTA there!

I just saw that this year, because of blown playoff calls, they're only going to allow the longest tenured and most experienced umpires to do the World Series. Good. That's how it should always be!