Friday, October 23, 2009

What A Dick!

Dick Cheney, the disgraced former vice-president, can't keep his mouth shut. Accusing Barack Obama, of "dithering" on Afghanistan and "being afraid" to send more troops to Afghanistan, does this sonuvabitch have any shame whatsoever?

For 7 years, this lying sack o sheep do and his dimwitted puppet screwed up that war by lying, ignoring and killing their own troops, along with Canadians and Germans. Thinking that by cluster bombing the hell out of a mountain and installing a bogus funny hatted sycophant in power, that everything would be fine while the neo cons and the private corporations raped a different country they wanted hold of in the first place.

Cheney ripping the new guy who has to clean up the mess is like Otter telling Dean Wormer his parade was disaster. Yet Dick keeps on being Dick and the press keeps covering his blathering speeches to fellow moon howlers.

I know he aint shutting up soon, unless some sort of myocardial infarction takes him down. I don't hope for that at all. I want the sadistic prick to leave the country and get arrested and get thrown into court at the Hague and stuffed into a cell with the other thumb breakers and genocide enthusiasts currently lodging there.

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Jack Jodell said...

Dick Cheney should be tried and convicted here for contempt of Congress. Then he should be flown to the Hague to be tried, convicted, and sentenced for war crimes. His wife and daughter should also be tried and convicted for aiding and abetting and for providing false information to the American people.

Once all of this has finished and ol' Dick is hanging with the rope around his neck, the same process should be completed with Rumsfeld, Bush, Yoo, Addington, Rice, and all the rest of those Bush administration war criminals.