Sunday, May 17, 2009

Such A Nancy Boy!

The right wing is at it again. They used to be very good at this, not so much lately, but being conservative and resistant to change, they keep it up. They are diverting attention away from torture ordered by American uppity ups and attempting to put it all on a congresswoman who was a member of the minority party at the time. They used this "hey over there" strategy against John Kerrey accusing the Purple Heart recipient of "war crimes", they used it against Dan Rather for cutting corners and telling the truth about George W Bush and his shoddy service record, and now they accusing Nancy Pelosi of knowing about the waterboarding of various "detainees" and lying now that she didn't know.

Well that's just great. Nancy Pelosi is lying. Nancy Pelosi is not lying. I don't give a shiite if she's lying, not lying, or personally stuck Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's head in a bucket of pork. The fact remains that torture, ordered by somebody and signed off on by Bush and Cheney, was done. Oh, I know some of these murdering religious fanatics, the terrorists not Bush and Cheney, deserved far worse than they got. However, once again, we are America and we don't torture_. What is so difficult to understand?

Call me naive, call me an idealist, tell me how 9/11 changed everything. Well I am not naive, I am certainly not an idealist unless you scratch the surface and 9/11 didn't change anything. We are who we are. I want to stay that way. I believe it was Bill Maher who said, "torture doesn't make you safe, it makes you a Nazi".

As I furiously type this with one finger, some Republican congressman is justifying torture on some show by saying the words "Ground Zero" "9/11" and "ACLU" as often as he can read them off the Talking Points To Lamebrains 101 sheet.

In conclusion, I don't care if Pelosi is lying, I don't care if she resigns, I don't care if she gets impeached or censured. The fact remains, in my name, this country did what it should never do. Become the enemy.

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Jack Jodell said...

The "war on terror" was an absolute fraud. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush, all members of the shady "Project for a New American Century" far-right "think tank" begun in the mid 1990s, all advocated pre-emptive war in the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, and Iran especially) to get their hands on oil.That in itself makes them war criminals. Had they REALLY been serious about our "security" our borders and ports would have been locked up tighter than a drum starting 9/12, but this was NEVER done. Instead, they left our borders wide open to allow for an influx of cheap illegal labor which would keep American wages down and all but destroy labor unions. That makes them racketeers. But their paranoidal use of torture as a political tool to justify what they did in Iraq makes them guilty of crimes against humanity. Their entire corrupt administration should be put on trial for all three counts, convicted, and then be dealt punishment Nuremberg-style.