Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Room At The Inn?

Back when the United States House of Representatives impeached Bill Clinton, it was my opinion that the House was the absolute worst body of slimy politicians on earth. My opinion hasn't really gotten any better in the subsequent years, but the Senate, even when run by Republicans, garnered my respect. The House was Wal Mart and The Senate was Target. Well after today's scummy, cynical rejection of Barack Obama's funding to close down America's shame, Guantanamo Bay, The Senate is apparently "lowering prices".

Senator after Senator got up to cry and whine how scared they and their constituents are of the 200 plus "detainees" at Gitmo. Cave Dwellers scare you more than serial murderers, gangsters, soulless rapists and goons, Unabombers, Christian terrorists, the first bunch who tried to bring down the Towers, and some guy who tried to blow up an airliner with a shoe? Well they must because all of those types populate our federal prisons now. But if the 200 plus monkey bar climbers are brought here and thrown in a tiny little cell, the whole country is at risk? Are you kidding me?

Ok now, there are some conspiracy types out there who probably think Obama knew this would happen and this way he gets it both ways. That conspiracy theory isn't really all that wacky. Perhaps it's true, perhaps Obama is incapable of standing up for what's right? He flipped on releasing Abu Graib photos, something I'm not sure is necessary either. But on this, and I hate to sound like a one-note pony with this torture thing, Obama needs to go to the mat . This is important. I really don't like going to Wal Mart. Oh, I go there, and Michelle Bachmann and Steve King greet me, but I need Target as a palate cleanser.


Jack Jodell said...

The Senate, especially the majority of its cowardly Democratic component, became Wal Mart's rest room with their pathetic vote (and I think Harry Reid was even occupying Larry Craig's old stall). I couldn't believe that even Dianne Feinstein caved on this measure! The hysterical Republican lie that these terrorists would eventually be out walking freely in our malls and on our playgrounds is pure insanity. Yep, Senators, go ahead and flush all your urinals and toilets at once, 'cuz as far as you're evidently concerned, it's rollback time. What a load of overpaid wimps!

Burr Deming said...

A brief but excellent analysis. A pithy examination of a silly proposition, that American prisons cannot hold anymore terrorists.

Jack Jodell said...

MD, here's a side note I think you'll get a kick out of. I just learned the DCCC is heavily targeting that wackoid Michele Bachmann to knock her out of the House next year. They've even started a new website featuring videos and direct quotes of her insane statements. They also do a great job of slamming her down point by point. For a great laugh, be sure to frequent Now if only someone would do the same against Boehner, McConnell, Vitter, Thune, DeMint, and the rest of those crazies!

Max's Dad said...

JJ, Michele Bachmann is such a gaffe machine you can't help but be bewildered by her district's re-election of her. Thanks for the info. I am still looking up the "Hoot-Smalley" act passed under FDR that caused the depression. She really is a dope.