Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Was Either Him Or Joe Kapp!

I would love to see this because watching Sage Rosenfels was something I had my fill of when he was getting his ass kicked by Nebraska back in 2000, when Nebraska was still good. Brett Favre is a quick fix for the Vikings and he is certainly more interesting than Tavares Jackson. but as stated in an earlier post, it won't matter because the Mighty Chicago Bears and Jay "The Greatest QB in NFL History" Cutler are steamrolling to a 19-0 record and a Super Bowl victory. Right, Bears fans?

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Jack Jodell said...

Haaa---I don't see the Bears OR the Vikings going anywhere this season. The Vikings are jinxed, I swear. They don't have killer instinct in the least, they're undisciplined, they're not strong enough defensively, T. Jackson is sub-par (Favre too old, and Rosenfels too green), and Childress the coach is pathetic. Nonetheless, the big purple propaganda machine will rollout about July 10 as it does every year, and will proclaim a bunch of bull about how improved and competitive the team will be. Yawn.