Friday, February 6, 2009


That is 12 year old Amber Harris. She disappeared back in November of 2005 after getting off her school bus a few blocks from home. Nothing is creepier than seeing video of her getting off the bus never to be seen again. She was missing for many months following her disappearance. People suspected she'd run away, she had gone to live with friends, her father, an ex-con, had done something. The stories were crazy. Somebody found her backpack in a dumpster and the speculation grew. Amber's mother, who never met a camera she didn't like. thought someone was taunting her. Then one day, in the May of 2006, a couple of hikers stumbled upon Amber's remains in Hummel Park. Her skull had been bashed in and she had been buried in the remote park. Omaha gasped.

A 10 time felon, yes 10 time, named Roy Ellis was arrested and charged with her abduction and murder. Ellis had grabbed Amber off the street, driven her to Hummel Park, sexually assaulted her, and then crushed her skull with a rock.

Roy Ellis was sentenced to death today. Even though Nebraska has no method to kill it's worst murderers. We still used the electric chair, for chrissakes. until the Supreme Court said uhhhh no, get a new method. Yet this state stubbornly insists on doing nothing. Lethal injection? No,we like that electric chair. So Roy Ellis will head for Lincoln and sit on death row even though there's no way to kill him. It's ridiculous. Just ban the death penalty and throw these nuts under the prison forever.

Oh yeah, Roy Ellis? Not only did he murder Amber Harris, he raped his 12 and 14 year old stepdaughters and impregnated both. He took another young woman to the same park he killed Amber in, raped her, choked her, and threatened to cut her tongue out. He participated in armed robberies, assaults, and since he was 18 has spent 32 years in jail. He's 55. Thus, all but 5 of his adult years he's been locked up. This dude was walking the street? Unfortunately for Amber Harris, and every other citizen in this city, he was. He's not anymore. Good riddance!

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Project Christopher said...

Wow... death penalty is such a fence line topic, but I have to believe that if death penalty were used more for the harsher offenders and maybe televised... I have to think SOME of the murders would stop.