Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mr.Limbaugh, Will You Send Your Maid Out To Buy Me A Pair?

Computer motherboards, what are they? Mine is shot. That's where I've been. Offline screaming at the TV just like the old days.

It seems bipartisanship is one big steaming pile of bullcrap as usual. There seems to be a political party with about 170 spineless backbenchers who get their marching orders courtesy of a thrice married, drug addicted radio yakker who sits in his basement and pontificates on what is best for him while his $35,000 a year listeners furiously scribble his thoughts as their own and write down names of people to threaten. 170 losers. That's your party of opposition. Pathetic.

Ok, President Barack Hussein Obama, time to stop the niceties and put down the hammer on these miscreants with the perfectly parted hair. This is their statement. From now on, whatever the radio thug says, goes. Don't even talk to them,. Have some brave soul monitor whatever the radio creep says and then do what you want anyway. Who cares what the Boehner thinks? You'll already know when the radio himmler speaks. Pathetic. Right, Mr.Lincoln?

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Just Kevin... said...

As usual, right on the mark!