Monday, February 16, 2009

In France They Call Him Le Sick Fuque!

Is this guy even relevant anymore? Quentin Tarantino I mean. The trailer to his latest gorefest, Inglorius Basterds or whatever, has been released to the internet. It seems Brad Pitt has destroyed any credibility he has earned over the last few years by taking part in this cockfight of a movie. If you cannot tell, I cannot stomach Quentin Tarantino in any way, shape or form. He looks like a rat, he talks like the helium/meth cocktail hasn't worn off, and his movies blow chunks of brain matter all over the screen. Pulp Fiction is one of the most overpraised piles of dung ever made. So go look at the trailer if you wish, and if Brad Pitt's accent doesn't make you want to jam a needle into your eardrum, well then by all means, take in the rest of it. I have a feeling I'd be rooting for Hitler to jam the director right into a woodchipper if I ever saw this celluloid disaster.

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Project Christopher said...

You may like the PT Cruiser, but you won back your high esteem with the comment
"Pulp Fiction is one of the most overpraised piles of dung ever made"
To this day I've never seen that movie and don't plan too. There are some actors/directors that I won't see based on their name alone. Quinten is one of them.