Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Not That Angry, It's Just My Gout Acting Up!

Taken is a film getting a lot of business the last two weeks. We saw it last weekend. The movie is implausible and silly. The script is lazy. The setups are without excitement. The villains are lame. The star, Liam Neeson, is pushing 60. The teenaged daughter (Shannon from Lost) is pushing 30 and acts 17 by jumping up and down and running like a dork. The ex-wife is straight out of central casting. The story is xenophobic. That's the bad news.

The good news is I loved every stupid second of it. Ex CIA agent doesn't want daughter to summer in Paris. He relents. She goes and within 5 minutes is kidnapped by crazy Albanian sex traffickers. Dad threatens them on the phone and goes to Paris where he kicks ass for a good hour. He goes to some crazy French construction site where they apparently work at night moving dirt around. He kills Frenchmen, Albanians, Arabs and American sophisticates. He gets his kid back and all is well. There you go. I ruined it. Yeah, right.

Looking for 90 minutes of mind-numbing fun? Go to the movies, get some popcorn and see Taken. Its a lot shorter than 24.


Just Kevin... said...

I saw him on some interview show and as he spoke the words the publicist gave him I swear he rolled his eyes.

Project Christopher said...

I keep thinking in the previews when he says "Now this next part is hard... they're going to take you" I want the daughter to look at the phone incredulously and say "What kind of f-ing plan is that?"