Saturday, May 7, 2016

Trump A Lump!

He was here and spoke in an airplane hangar to anywhere from 1600 to 3500 bad jointed waddling olds and bad brained bigots. Or in Trump math, 10,000 enthusiastic supporters.

Introduced by our talking hard boiled egg Governor, or as the clueless Trump emcee called him, Senator Pete Ricketts, Trump carried on about this and that, more specifically Bobby Knight to Florida golf to Trump steaks to flying to Mars. I have no idea what he was talking about because it was like listening to Abe Simpson yammer on about an onion on his belt. Yay!!!!!!!

Trump, who never ever uses a teleprompter (gee really?) like that Obummer does, in his latest attempt to not sound like a straw haired sociopath, actually looked at a notebook to act outraged over a tragedy that occurred here in Omaha months ago. A sort of Hispanic Fonzie, here from Honduras illegally, got drunk and slammed into a car carrying a young woman who literally had graduated college hours before. She died, he didn't of course, and he skipped bail, enraging her parents and the opportunistic political hacks like Ben Sasse (Junior Clown-Ne) and now Trump. Despite the fact that thousands are killed by drunk drivers every year or shot to death by 2nd Amendment enthusiasts, this one tragedy allows cynical pricks like Trump and sasse to further their own careers by "caring" so much. Using the family of this young woman as a political pawn to rally up the bigots in the crowd of , oh what, 20,000 by now. Instead of reacting to the Trump "outrage" by being sympathetic like any non asshole would do, the 30,000 Trump supporters responded with the brainless "Build The Wall" chant. Not so much cuz they cared about Sarah Root, but because they don't care for the browns. It is a disgusting sight. Truly. The young lady killed by a drunk driver (now thats the story not his fucking immigration status) accomplished more than any of these chanting monkeys will in their lives.

Trump could not let the fact that Ricketts, our dime store Lex Luthor, has a family of rich pricks who not only own the Chicago Cubs, but hate Trump so much they have reached into petty cash and contributed millions to stop the nomination of this talking orange concentrate can. Taking a shot at Ricketts by saying yeah I kinda like you now, but your family not so much, I was in a quandary. Who do I root for? Then I remembered the quote about letting your enemies beat each other up and just sit back and watch.

The protesters were there, interrupting the proceedings three times much to the anger of the shaved head goateed Trump tough guys in the crowd. There was actually a man bunned twerp who started shit, unfortunately two hours prior to the loudmouth's arrival. Genius, my hipster friend. I would have helped lead him out to the nearest glass blowing festival. Two hours before? Loosen the man bun, Cody.

So bye bye, Mister Trump. You've graced our fine state with your presence now get the fuck out.

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