Monday, May 16, 2016

Idicocracy 400 Years Early!

The President, Barack Obama in case you'd forgotten or referred to him as one of the cute nicknames he gets over the years, gave the commencement speech at Rutgers yesterday and chided the nation's descent into dumbness, or as smart guys like him refer to it as, anti-intellectualism. The address was masterful, enlightening and totally incomprehensible to about 40-60% of the nation's citizens, who think a pompous prank calling racist sexist xenophobic loudmouth con artist asshole is "tellin it like it is". Thanks Obama, for keepin it 100.

How did the above happen? The sight of a crazy hypocritical grifter dope joining forces with a phony scammer lying flip flopping morally empty reality show host would have been laughed off the political screen 40 years ago. Hey Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter may not have been entertaining but they also sure as hell weren't stupid and/or bunco artists. When did this plunge into being stupid is a plus start?

Some could argue it was 1980 when the charming but rather empty headed Ronald The Saint Reagan somehow won the Presidency by scaring the bejeezus out of white people that the 60's and 70's were the devil years. That Vietnam was a noble cause, that Democrats were tax and spend (duh, who isnt, thats how gubmint works) liberals, the Rooskies were coming and the Ayatollah was an ass a hola. Reagan was Uncle Ronnie, kinda dim but had your best interests at heart while the guy who served in the Navy running a nuclear submarine was an incompetent nitwit. But lets face it, Reagans appeal was gut. He had competent people surrounding him protecting him from doing something really stupid. Yeah they may have been competent and yes evil, but nobody got past Nancy, who had nobody but Saint Ronnie's legacy at heart. Nope sorry, Haig, you are NOT in control. No way, Watt, are you going to strip mine Yellowstone. Sorry,Jim Baker and Don Regan, I need a calm guy like Howard Baker to take control. Nancy, and I'm not sticking up for anything other than her behind the scenes leash she had on a simple man who lived in a not real place , was the reason the world didn't explode.

Then came 1988. The ascent of a cynical son of a bitch with a wife even more cynical than he. George H W Bush. A man who would do anything to win with a Lady McBeth behind him. The stench of anti intellectualism began. Led by another cynical prick names Lee Atwater, the hey that Dukakis is pointy headed and really smart and shit so fuck him thinking became rampant. G H W Bush, a man who was Ambassador to the UN, head of the CIA, and Yale educated became the normal dude you'd have a beer with. The blacks are coming to rape your daughters, the women are coming to take your jobs and that Greek Governor isnt really "white".

Bush won, after overcoming 20 point deficits in the polls, because he succeeded in creating this normal guy character as he was buzzing around Kennebunkport in his speedboat. And ever since, its Dumbness 101 that is the platform of the Republican Party.

Oh they lose on a national scale. A lot. They have one official popular vote win since 1988 , in 2004, and that was either stolen or because Republicans really hated the gays in Ohio back then. And face it, the Democrats nominated another smart guy. Stop it.

The anti-intellectualism of today is bordering on Idiocracy. The Trump campaign, the Cruz campaign, hell everybody's campaign is making people dumber by the minute. Climate change, bahhhhhhh, science, bahhhhhh, simple logic, bahhhhhhhh, rights, bahhhhhh, chrissakes cant you see, millions of transgenders will be going into ladies rooms and molesting your non existent daughters. Whoa, whoa, arent those types all gay? Now all of a sudden they all came to Jesus and now like girls, little girls mind you, but girls?

The dumbness is getting unbearable. As the President said, telling it like it is is not a virtue. Telling it like it is is an excuse for being an asshole. Period.

So this year we will apparently have a choice. A tell it like it is (which it isnt) asshole who appeals to dumb assholes who cant wait to get to the Noahs Ark Theme Park. Or another cynical corporate hack. But until the cynical hack tells me she thinks that the earth is 6000 years old, or that she wants to build a wall to keep Mexican rapist back in Mexico, or that she also goes by Jane Miller and makes prank calls to Crazy Ira and the Douche I have to go with the hack. Sorry, Bernie Bots. I'm just tellin it like it is.


I fought the lawn. And the lawn won. said...

Bunco artist - yeah these are the magic words we need to keep repeating until the rubes smarten up...

darrelplant said...

How'd you not mention Dan Quayle?