Saturday, December 5, 2015

Republican Voter Guide!

There are so many of these putz's running for the right to lose to Hillary it really is amazing the egomania involved here. And I'm not only talking about that one schlep who can't keep his mouth or his twitter shut, it's all of them. Seemingly convinced that they and they alone can save America from the damage done by the Kenyan Muslim Socialist Gay man with the transgender wife, this bunch of complete looooooooooozers continues on and makes me wonder, who in the fuck supports these assholes?

Bush voters--- thee are the establishment types. Hey it's his turn. Really? Ok I guess it is since the Bush's are apparently related to the royal family and Jeb! is next in line to further wreck the word. Like his daddy started and his brother finished. Bush voters are the kind of people who idolize GHW Bush cuz he's old and jumps out of planes and actually touched Saint Ronnie. And are still defending GW Bush cuz if you don't you have to admit Nobummer made things better and that's not an option. Bush voters are people who follow the rules to a tee and still call young people "hippies".

Carson voters-- these are the people who think they are smarter than your average Republican voter, not a high bar. They support the Crazy Doctor because he's a brain surgeon, he's black, and he has zero chance. This way, they can claim that after they tell some racist Obummer joke or forward Uncle Jerry's racist e mail, they can say heyyyy look at the n bumper of my Lexus, t has a Carson sticker. These people will eventually move on and looking at polls, have already done so.

Christie voters---- these are the folks who want a guy who tells it like it is, but isn't some reality show clown. They like Christie getting into bum fights with teachers and guys on a boardwalk because hey that's what they do. These people love Christie for being a tough guy and being a loud mouthed buffoon, like them. They just know he's Tony Soprano and will choke a guy like Putin to death in live TV and then say heyyyyyyy what'd I do heahhhhh?

Cruz voters-- these people are the scary ones. Just imagine they are all packing heat and just itching to shoot you. Unless of course they are at a Cruz rally where guns aren't allowed. George Zimmerman is their hero and they can't stand the fact that Nobama was born in a foreign country, never went to college and is a secret Mooslim agent groomed since 1961 by the Islamic brainwashers to take down 'Merica. The fact Cruz was born in Canada doesn't matter cuz Canada is white.

Fiorina voters-- Carly Fiorina ran a corporation, all bow to the corporation. The fact she ran it into the ground is irrelevant. This alone makes her more qualified than Hillary. She's a woman. She lies a lot. She IS Hillary, but she lies about good stuff, like Planned Parenthood. Fiorina voter used to go to private school, where a ruler carrying fascist dean used to come walking down the hall slamming the individualists around and patting little Carly on the head. Fiorina voter pretty much is a fascist longing to put their foot down on the creative weirdos.

Gilmore voters--- whoever Gilmore is, it's him

Graham voters-- Graham voters? Come on now. They will never come out of their closets to vote anyway so who cares?

Huckabee voters-- these snake handler idiots want to live in a theocracy where Jesus rules and funny old Mike Hucakabee makes wise cracks right before he pound the final nail into all the infidels hands. Mike Huckabee voters are Mike Huckabee before he lost weight. They are still fat, and especially between the ears, like he still is. Huckabee voters are the types who offer "thoughts and prayers" and are dumb enough to think thats all they have to do.

Jindal voters---even they hate his guts now

Kasich voters--shhhhhhh, this guy is the only one who could win. Not likely, but he could. Kasich voters know this. They know that Kasich is in reality a rock ribbed neanderthal but he covers it up well. He's the Republican stealth candidate, the one who talks about compassion and shit he really doesn't buy into, and Kasich voter does too. yeah they perceive themselves as all compassionate for the underprivileged,if they weren't all lazy bums and mooches that is. Kasich voter will end up being a Bush voter, fuck all those poor assholes.

Pataki voters-- these people need to just admit they will vote for Hillary.

Paul voters--generally young and stupid. Paul Ryan types. They have posters on their dorm walls of Ayn Rand and Ron Paul and think Rand Paul is like Ron and Ayn had a baby. 95% of them will eventually evolve into a typical right wing prick, which technically they've already done, but they like to smoke dope still.

Perry voter--oops, he's gone back to n*****head ranch. Y'all.

Rubio voter--these are the desperate types who know that the current front runner is a fucking nightmare and are busy seeking anything that could possibly even win 10 states. Rubio voters think his story is inspiring ,unlike that Obummer's story. Of course Rubio's "story" is 100% caca but who cares. Rubio voter is so hungry to support anybody other than that New York dick, they will jump on any bandwagon Fox News tell them to. Rubio voter also used to be Bush voter, Carson voter and Fiorina voter. And who knows, may become one again.

Santorum voter-- see Huckabee voter. Only just a bit smarter. Snake handling? No way. They stick to the body and blood myth.

Trump voter-- Wow, there is so much dumb to go aruond here it's hard to pinpoint. Trump voter is just plain stupid. They couldn't care less if their man makes fun of the disabled, kicks Hispanics around, tells black women to "do a routine", thrusts his crotch at them, calls them stupid, lies and refuses to take it back even after being proven wrong. Trump voters are bullies who see themselves up om that stage. Their bullying days are long behind them, but Trump makes them long for the day they beat up the homo, or kick the mexican in the ass or use the N bomb without fear of being called out on it. Fuck this diversity shit! America will be white great again under the Donald. Trump voter is also a big fan of Ted Nugent cuz going to a Trump rally is like going to a Nugent show, or a Nuremberg rally.

Once Trump is gone, and he will be either through his own volition or the Republican hierarchy fixing the game, who knows what Republican voter will be stuck with.

But it doesn't matter, Republican voter. The demographic isn't there any longer. You lost. America will never be white great again. And for Republican voter that is a win. They just love to piss and moan and have not a clue how to fix anything, other than Congressional elections.


Steve Finnell said...


Should unborn children be executed without a judge and twelve jurors sentencing them to death? Why do adults get their day in court, but the unborn are killed without a fair trial? Why are the unborn deemed worthy of death?

The advocates of abortion contend that unborn children are not human, but are simply nonhuman fetal tissue.

God makes clear the life begins at conception.

Job 3:3 "May the day perish on which I was born. And the night in which it was said, 'A male child is conceived.'(NKJV)

Children are children at conception.

Genesis 25:21-22 Now Isaac pleaded with the Lord for his wife , because she was barren; and the Lord granted his plea, and Rebekah his wife conceived. 22 But the children struggled together within her; and she said, "If all is well, why am I this way?" So she went to inquire of the Lord.(NKJV)

Rebekah did not conceive nonhuman fetuses. Children struggled in her womb.

Luke 1:36 "Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative has also conceived a son in her old age; and this now the sixth month for her who was called barren.(NKJV)

Elizabeth conceived a son. She did not conceive a nonhuman fetus.

Did the Virgin Mary conceive Jesus as the Son of God, or was Jesus a nonhuman blog, called a fetus? (Luke 1:30-31)

Since Roe v Wade 57 million unborn babies have been executed without appearing before a judge and a jury of their peers. What crime did those 57 million babies commit that they should be sentenced to death without a trial.


Max's Dad said...

and your point is.........