Monday, December 7, 2015

Fox Goes Dirty!

Holy smokes. What a racket. This country elected a black dude to the Presidency in 2008 and this nation went fucking bonkers. It's like when the shittiest President ever until 2000 Reagan opened the asylums back in the 80's and let the inmates out. There was no Fox News for the whack jobs to run to back then they they all became homeless and therefore white people don't have to care any longer. But now, holy tin foil, Batman, Fox News has em all. Come on in, spout off your bullshit and there's millions of dumb old white people who will tip a cosmopolitan to ya right before switching back to Castle.

Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, who regularly goes on Fox and rolls his eyes and jabbers on about Obummer while maintaining his credibility by writing shitty war novels where real Americans kill everybody and let Gawd sort em out. Peters, who retired years ago and found himself lonely and bored and just itching to kill people again until those damn Democrats won and all that peace shit started. Peters, who never fired a gun at anything except his own foot, is one of those wonks who still thinks that Lenin will rise from his crypt and then he can be happy that the Cold War iso n again. Guys like Peters, The General Jack D Ripper of Fox News, like to holler and scream and talk like Bill O'Reilly wants to talk, appealing to the armchair tough guy who thinks bombing the shit out of everybody works.

Peters went overboard by calling the President of the United States a "total pussy" today on the Fox Business Channel, watched by dozens of cable viewers who can't get the remote to work. On that English creep Stuart Varney's show, Peters went nuts and even made that limey blowhard tell him to watch his mouth. Pussy is not an acceptable term on Fox. Commie, date rapist, and anything Trump says is pure gold, but pussy? Hey watch it, office sitting former policy guy who never did anything remotely dangerous, Colonel Peters. Or should I say, Colonel Dick, Colonel Schlong, Colonel Putz, Colonel Cock, I mean Colonel Klink. By the way Colonel Prick, you're dissssssssssmissed.

Earlier in the day some babe named Stacey Dash decided to turn Fox Monday into quite the potty mouth network of choice for all old loudmouths who think the elderly cussing is never not funny. Dash is an actress turned commentator? Yeah I have no idea either. But she decided to blurt out, I'm sure via cue cards, that the President didn't give a "shit" about terrorism. You know he doesn't care because all that drone killing and Osama killing is just a smoke screen for the real mission. To install ISIS into power so that Fox News viewers can achieve orgasmic pleasure by screeching "We told ya so" right before they pulled out the Jeanine Pirro love doll.

Dash, who cluttered up an appropriately named film called "Clueless" back in the 90's, found out very quickly after Obama's election that being a failed actress with the ability to read cue cards AND being half black could get her far by simply becoming one of the "good ones' that the Fox dinosaurs love to watch. Oh she's so purty, for one of them, and she makes sense being all up in Obama's face. See, we arent racists, we like that half colored girl a whole lot, as long as she doesn't move next door.

Yep, it's Dash and Peters. Cussing away, but good cussing cuz its against Nobummer on that there Fox Network.

Go back to writing books, Colonel Klink. And go back to making relevant movies like "Lap Dance" and "Lethal Eviction", Stacey Dash.

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