Friday, October 2, 2015

Kim Who? Yeah Yeah Give Her A Rosary And Send Her On Her Way!

First of all I am a complete Pope Francis fanboy. After all those years of stiffs like Paul VI and Reagan like nice guys with antiquated views like JP2 and Nazis like Benny, not to mention JP1, the one they "murdered" for being Francis before his time, this guy is making me yearn for the days when I was young and stupid and believed in all that Catholic shit.

But alas, he's a horrible guy just like all of them. He "met" with newly turned Republican bigot Kim Davis while in Philly and endorsed all of her bigot views on the queers and the lezbos getting hitched down there in her old Kentucky home, where the people are all gay(???) and the darkies have to part(???). Jesus Christ, Kim, have you ever sung that song and actually listened? Even American Pharaoh went what the fuck?

Now, of course, the Vatican is saying hey hey now, the Pope had no idea who this Amish bitch was and shit he blesses everybody anyway so lay the fuck off. Or words to that effect.

And I believe them for maybe the first time in my life. Hey now, there's a lot of cardinals and bishops out there who don't care for this guy. He rides in a Fiat, and he visits the bums, errrrr, homeless and he calls capitalism out on being the rigged game it is, and he says hey lay off the abortion and gay marriage shit, there's starving people in the world. Whoaaaaa there Pope my man. Have you checked the financials on the Vatican lately? We've never been more solid. Even with the payouts to those whiny ass child abuse pussies we have more candlesticks and relics than we know what to do with.

But the Pope don't care. He cares about people. Unlike the bean counters who make up the hierarchy of 95% of American Catholic dioceses, this guy sees the downtrodden as the heroes, not the rich monkeys trying to buy their way into heaven.

It is completely possible that this Pope was set up by Cardinal Carlo Vigano, the Apostolic Nuncio to the Unied States, in other words, he's the Vatican's Ambassador. Cardinal Vigano is a complete ass kisser to the still alive Nazi Pope, Benedict. So what would keep this Benedict Youth from setting the Pope up with perhaps the most despised woman in America, at least to those of us who want to like Francis so much we ignore the fact he's really just a Eisenhower Republican. Yeah see, all you liberal scumbuckets who cry about all those Syrians and the tramps and the homos and the diddled with kiddies, see, he's just like us. An uncaring asshole. So there!

Well it didn't work with me. I never thought this whole Davis/Pope deal looked anything other than fishy and not just on Friday. It's like those pictures political opponents creep us out with. Those photo ops that mean nothing where Rosalyn Carter is standing next to Jim Jones. or Bill Clinton is standing next to Monica Whatshername or Barack Obama is standing next to anybody or when the poofs stand next to Reagan, oh hold on there, that's blasphemy!

The Pope meeting with a law breaker like Kim Davis didn't mean anything more than when he went to the prison and met with inmates. For chrissakes,when he went to the prison he didnt endorse murder,rape or white collar crime, wait, none of those guys are in prison what was I thinking. It was a humanitarian gesture, and got him away from more photo ops with creepy politicians. The inmates are a better class of people anyway.

So lay off my boy, The Pope. Meeting with a scofflaw bigot like Kim Davis was no different than meeting with John Boehner where at least he had the effect of causing self reflection and a fuck this I'm outta here result. Davis and her ambulance chasing lawyers are up to no good. And her meet with the Pope had no effect other than her being the fall bigot for a grander scheme. The self aggrandizement of publicity hounds like the Liberty Counsel, and Benedict sympathizers like Cardinal Vigano.

I got your back, Jorge!

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