Thursday, January 8, 2015


The blame game goes all over. From Fox News' blubbering boobs blaming political correctness to that idiot lone wolf Catholic asshole Bill Donahue blaming Hollywood and the liberals to another Fox News blowhard stating this murderous rampage was cause for the police to "over-militarize" to even more Fox News shrews blaming immigration. STOP already!

Chrissakes, the far right doesn't need to campaign on this. They already win anytime a couple of psychos of the Islamic persuasion do something horrific. Oh the humanity they scream as they run off to buy more guns they fear they won't have when the non existent gun grabber in chief grabs them.

The tragedy, no the TERRORISM, there I said it, in Paris is truly a slap in the face of everyone, especially Muslims who will now the brunt of low IQ types who will call for mosque bombings and bombing Mecca and deporting anyone who doesn't pass the cardboard test. These murderers, TERRORISTS, said it again, are an enemy to all people with the sense to have some fun now and then and not sit around trying to find someone to hate and blame.

When the French finally catch these scumbags, and they will catch them because France is not composed of pansy throwing pussies like most tough guy 'Mericans think, let's hope they get taken alive and spend the rest of their days rotting in some French jail. Maybe they could actually have the time to read the fucking Koran and not listen to a pedophile con man tell them what's in it. Ya know all that shit not in the Koran some dummy believes that benefits the con man. The underaged girls, the power of telling somebody else to kill themselves while you retire to your room with another underaged girl, the power to roll your eyes and act like an imbecile on tape before retiring to your room with another underaged girl, the power to make a lot of scaredy cat Americans shit their pants before THEY retire to their room cuddling their Glock.

I have no love for any religion. They are all bullshit. Based on fear and run by people who become so wealthy conning the rubes that that eye of the needle is just something they'll pay to have made bigger, like their mistresses boobs.

I am not a fan of political cartoonists, satirical cartoonists or even Seth McFarland, but their right to draw whatever they want, whether it be Jerry Falwell boning his mother in an outhouse or some slovenly Frenchman frenching the almighty prophet, is absolutely guaranteed by even the most restricting of so called gods.

Yeah they are guaranteed, Said and Cherif. because your god doesn't exist. He doesn't exist anymore than the god who killed the first born of every Egyptian or pulled that dick prank on Abraham exists.

Catch them, France.

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