Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Interview!

You have to be kidding me. This movie caused all that shitstorm of activity about free speech and freedom and terrorists winning and all that bullshit?

First of all, the terrorists already won back on 9/11/01 when they gave the neo-cons, the defense industry, and the war profiteers all the reason they needed to scare the shit out of the American public and start makin money again after the lull of the 8 years of peace and prosperity of the Clinton years. So fuck that. THEY WON 13 YEARS AGO! Patriot Acts, NSA, Haliburton, wars, Gitmo, torture, Republican sweeps, War Criminals running the beacon of freedom in the world. Congrats to them. Suppressing a piece of shit like the Interview was the kindest thing terrorists have ever done. Too bad I was too dumb to just say thank you and relax.

The Interview is a two hour exercise in stupidity. Yeah yeah, stupid can be funny but this particular stupid is just, well, stupid. Making fun of Asian names? Dong? Hahahahahaha! Agent Fock and You? Hahahahahaha. If that amuses you when its done by someone other than a dipshit San Francisco TV station, well knock yourself out.

To even discuss this digital dump is a waste of time. It sucks like nothing has ever sucked before. James Franco is just wasting his talent. Seth Rogan is just getting wasted. On our dime.

So go ahead and contribute to the misguided notion that if you fork over $6 and watch this cess pool of a movie you have somehow saved America from terrorists. Freedom of speech is saved. U S A U S A!

Unfortunately, your mind will not be saved.

Go see something that will improve your mind. Save THAT kind of freedom of speech. Saving the type of freedom of speech The Interview touts just encourages the pricks at Sony to make more of this toxic bullshit.

And to the hacker, the ex-Sony employee, the disgruntled worker who hacked Sony. You should be running that studio, dude. You are brilliant.

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