Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bad Boys Bad Boys!

Omaha Police took on a guy robbing a Wendy's with an air soft gun and not only killed the robber but took out a Cops Sound man too.

The "shootout" involved over 30 bullets. I hate to second guess, bullshit, of course I love it, but if a cop comes in a west door and another cop comes in the east door along with two TV guys, what the fuck is West Door doing shooting at some guy with three others coming in East Door? Is saving $40 worth of Wendy's money necessary?

Oh yeah, the air gun was fired twice. Right before 30 bullets blasted through the air killing anything that moved.

The tanning salon 100 yards away was hit 3 times with a worker still manning the beds.

As we speak, the spinning is beginning. Tape exists. It will not be shown. Sorry, but killing the thief isn't my problem here, it's firing fucking 30 plus bullets while innocent people are in the way.

Well, what would you do, Mister 20/20 Hindsight? I'd fire my entire clip, reload and fire another clip. But ya know, I KNOW that about myself and thus, did not become a cop. Nor do I own guns or want to fire guns.

My sympathies to Bryce Dion's loved ones and the crew of Cops. In 25 years of filming COPS, nothing like this has never happened. Come to Omaha, and work with OPD, and voila.

I love my hometown and it's ability to stick it's collective head in the sand regarding its Police Department.

Omaha-We Don't Coast. We go full out all the time. 30 plus!

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