Monday, August 18, 2014


Back in 1970 whatever in a different life, in a different time, I used to play spin the tunes on the radio. On the Friday night midnight to 6 am shift you could pretty much do whatever you wanted because no station big shots were up and if they were they were asleep, drunk, high and in all probability had no interest in listening to their own shitty radio station no matter their condition.

I hated working that shift, not only because of the request line full of stoners and lonely chicks wanting to hear Pink Floyd or Zeppelin or this new group called KISS. My loathing of KISS cannot be defined by normal words, though I could get through a playing of Strutter without wanting to blow my brains out. I not only hated KISS and their hey look at us we suck but we blow shit up and dress like assholes act, I hated their fucking "music" and their army full of losers.

Gene Simmons is a prick. Everybody knows that, right? Gene Simmons wouldn't piss without figuring a way to make money out of it (shhhh dont tell him KISS PISS rhymes), He is a total douchebag in every way, shape or form. But as long as Nugent exists, he never truly will become the biggest asshole in rock. But oh how he's trying.

While promoting his latest exercise in making money he pimped himself out yet again by granting an interview to the highly sympathetic Wall Street Journal in which he defended Donald Sterling, called on immigrants to learn "goddamn English" and told depressed people "Fuck you then kill yourself" and aske people to be nice to him cuz he's rich.

Goddamn, Gene-O, I know you said this stupid shit before Robin Williams committed suicide but even you must feel like an asshole this time. Right?

Well after a cost analysis study I'm sure, Chaim Weitz, uhhhh, Gene Simmons said he was sorry. Sorry because he had just taken one step off the bridge to career suicide or sorry because he really means it?

You be the judge. In the meantime, Ted Nugent stays at #1 in the Rock Asshole Poll due to that pussy apology from Gene.

Hey Gene, Ted says "fuck you then kill yourself" for doing the right thing for once.

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