Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hey Bro,How Many Reps?

First of all that picture of a meathead in a gym should disqualify this putz from ever holding any office ever. But thanks to the good folks of Wisconsin, Paul "Gibrone" Ryan, is back in Congress and suffers from short memory loss. Would somebody tell this smirking twatwaffle that he lost the 2012 election? Oh he won among his Janesville cheese dick constituency, but he lost the big one by running his mouth until even the Romney campaign sent the shit for brains to the Deep South where he couldn't hurt them cuz everybody down there thinks Ayn Rand was some dude who played for Bama back in the 70's.

Paul Ryan, who should be running around with Sarah Palin comparing notes on which one was a bigger fucking disaster, is back with a budget that baffles the mind. If you have a mind, that is. Ryan's budget is so blatantly dishonest, so loaded with bullshit propositions, that treating this tool like an "intellectual" of the Republican party is like comparing Donald Trump to Warren Buffet. Yeah they both have money, but one has real money, the other is a clown who pretends to have money and fools the lazy ass American press into taking his ego seriously. Ryan IS Donald Trump. Only the hair is different.

Ryan's budget depends on fantasies such as assuming the Medicare cuts (the ones he "opposed")to stay intact, the Obamacare's tax increases stay put AND that The Affordable Health Act gets repealed. Ryan, true soulless prick that he is, would slash Medicaid, kill 2 million jobs, dusting off that old voucher coupon Medicare plan, turning food stamps into a giant bag of money given to the states to do whatever they want, like NOT give people food stamps, eliminating federal control of medical research, job training and education, and letting those criminals on Wall Street a free ride to steal your 401K again. And of course, Ryan's budget cuts taxes on the rich from 39% to 25%. How that cuts the deficit is beyond me but to numb nuts like Ryan it's addition equals subtraction because he says so. Hey, he's a smart Republican, remember?

One of these days, this widow peaked asshat will fade into oblivion and by fade into oblivion I mean get a keynote speech at CPAC alongside his fellow loser Sarah Palin and Donnie Trump Junior where he can spout Hobbit like fantasies while Rand Paul followers yell and scream right before the annual In Memoriam to Andy Breitbart. At which point they head off to hit on Ann Coulter and pickle their livers.

A while back I saw a beat up truck with a Romney bumpersticker in which Mittens name was crossed out and "RYAN" was written in over it. The guy who waddles out to get in the truck was supported by a cane and though I shouldn't do this I assume was disabled. He had no idea that a toolbox like Ryan has him in his crosshairs. Or maybe he did. Hey buddy, ever hear of the Judenrat? Oy vay!


Jack Jodell said...

Max's Dad,
You were far too kind with your assessment of Ryan. I can't stand the very sight of the bastard myself.

EboTebo said...

Uh,....I believe it's Ann(dy) Coulter. Eh??