Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boy, Can She Tawk!

Every "funnywoman' owes it all to this woman for busting her ass paving the way. Joan Rivers continues to bust her ass and to prove it she showed up in Omaha last night and proceeded to make a crowd of 1500 or so cool Midwestern folks piss their pants. I say "cool" Midwestern folks because I saw people from 20 to 80 roaring with laughter, spit taking, grimacing and having a great fuckin time as this legend threw everybody and I mean everybody into her lair.

Who can get away with this for 60 years and stay sane? Joan Rivers can, that's who. I can say with all honesty that I have not laughed this hard maybe ever. George Carlin and Bill Cosby I do remember making me roll down aisles but this woman, this 79 year old goddess of comedy, well holy burning ears batman, this was great stuff.

She endeared herself to me almost immediately when she asked two gay guys in the front row "can you get married in this shitty state?" Wow, I'm in love. She called the place I live a "shitty state". In the first 30 seconds? Go baby! She made fun of "cripples", stroke victims like Kirk Douglas, herself. Yep, she made fun of herself. Get it, Taylor Swift? And every humorless celebrity out there got a swift kick in the ass. The Kardashians, "Kim, Kourtney and of course Lurch". The aforementioned Taylor Swift, "maybe if there's nine guys in nine months, it's YOU!" Her "friends" got no slack. Cher, Kathy Griffin, and did I mention it before, herself!

Anyway, see this legend before it's too late. She herself drops to the ground pretending to die, "just so years from now, you'll still get invited to parties just to say "yesssss I was there"....

Joan Rivers! Funniest 79 year old on the planet! The only problem I had was she didn't tell one joke about her husband, Fang!

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