Monday, March 4, 2013

47% Of Me Is Angry Now!

Oh what is there to be pissed off about from this past weekend. The Congress? Well yeah, to the point I wish Flight 93 had made it to the Capitol and blown the place up. Nah, just kidding. I actually wish the passengers had taken control of the plane, landed it safely, strapped bombs on those fuckstick hijackers and thrown THEM into the Capitol. The Ayn Randian nurse in Bakersfield who refused to help the dying 87 year old woman and also refused to ask anyone else to help either? Well yeah, to the point I wish Richard Speck came back to life to deal with one more nurse. No, again I'm kidding. Juan Corona is much closer. The reemergence of child suffocator party animal Casey Anthony? Yeah to the point I wish Casey and the ghost of Aileen Wuornous could battle to the death. But that would take a change of venue for the car trunk enthusiast Miss Anthony. Like to hell. Nah, just kidding again. Casey getting fat and living in a trailer in Florida is good enough for me.

Nope all of that is bad enough. But the sudden interest in one Lord Mittens of Romney and his lady the Princess of Waaaaaa, Ann Romney,by Fox News did the job.

I though these two Downton Abbey rejects were finished. Pumping gas and riding up and down in their car elevator while dreaming of denying Oliver Twist some more gruel. Isn't that enough for these two grifters?

Mittens told Mike Wallace's mutant son that it "kills him" to not be in the White House "doing what needs to be done". Really, Mitt? I'm not sure which is the more Palin like statement. That it "kills" you or the "what needs to be done". Because, Lord Romney, what you think "needs" to be done WOULD kill the rest of us. So go ahead let it "kill" you every time Obummer expresses concern for those who make less than $36 million in interest per year. Fucking moochers.

Now Ann Romney, the one even less likable than her stiff as a board hubby and their psycho eyed son Tagg or Trigger or Bristol or whatever his fucking name is. She blames the media for Mittens' loss. Yeah, Annie, had the media not longed for a story so they could sell even more ad time by pretending your douchebag partner was actually close to Nobama and his Acorn voters, you would have lost by 20 points. You should be sucking Dick Morris' toes and giving David Gregory a handjob at the same time for their complicity in your landslide loss because it could have been a disgraceful loss. She also believes it would have better for America "in my heart if he had been there right now.” She has a heart? Somebody alert Dick Cheney!

These two should just do what other losers do. Go back to Alaska, I mean, California, or is it Massachusetts, or Michigan, whatever, any of those home states Mittens got his ass kicked in by the Kenyan Usurper and do what other losers do. Go on Dancing With The Stars, or the Apprentice, or start your own reality show where Mittens can wander around the mansion screaming "Annnnnnnnnn" everytime he needs his caffeine free espresso topped off.

On the other hand, Rafalca needs tending to also. That is if Rafalca ever made it back from London and hasn't been made into an Ikea Swedish meatball by now.