Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maybe I'm Crazy For Saying This But....

1) Euthanasia is not always a bad thing. As much death and suffering as I've seen in the last few years, I fully believe that terminally ill people should be allowed to euthanize themselves or have someone else do it for them without fear of jail. Spare me your leave it up to God nonsense for if your God allows people to suffer long, pain-filled horrible deaths before he pulls the heavenly plug, well then he's a prick. Sorry, but that God aint my God.

2) Blastocysts, embryos, stem cells and 8 month along fetuses are not human beings. People who believe that they are human beings are entitled to their opinion but have no right to continue to bully the rest of us with their worship of things they cannot even see. If you don't want Uncle Bill or Grandpa Joe to get potential help from a variety of muscular diseases because of this devotion to things you can't see, well leave it up to them and shut the eff up. If you want to give birth to Trigger Palin you should be admired. If you want to shake your heart to death from Parkinson's Disease without attempting to alleviate your suffering, great, be a martyr. But please, don't tell me or anyone else what to do.

3) Scotland let that Libyan terrorist out of jail on humanitarian grounds and the Libyans celebrated his return to Tripoli with a huge party worthy of a returning hero. So what? It's none of your business, America. It's Scottish law and they can do whatever they want. When Chuck Schumer (D-NY) did a Gomer Pyle and said "shame shame shame" I wanted to tell him to stop sucking up and how dare he shame another country when he lives in one that held mock executions of prisoners, tortured suspects and acts like their poop don't stink. Any court in the U.S. has as much power in Scotland as Judge Judy.

4) Socialism isn't all that scary. Ever notice how the teabaggers and the people who hold up the "socialism sucks" posters seem to be all really old? They drive to their little protests on socialist roads, with socialist speed laws, protected by socialist police and socialist EMT's. They prance around on socialist land, they take their kids and grandkids to socialist parks, send them to socialist schools, and eat food protected by socialist standards. They get their power from socialist utilities and flush their toilets courtesy of socialist sewers and fill up their drinks with scotch and socialist water. Of course, when they get sick, they are happy to present their Medicare card and just love that Socialist Security check. You know what really is scary? Unregulated capitalism.

5) Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever. But both are the worst risk takers ever. What do I mean? Back in the old days, certain athletes stood up for something and risked it all. Bill Russell, Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, Dave Kotay, Curt Flood, Jim Bouton, Jackie Robinson. Those folks risked it all. Some lost. Ali told the U.S. government to shove its immoral, illegal war up its keester. Flood gave up his career to stand up to greedy baseball owners. Russell and Brown and Robinson stood up to racists. Kotay came out of the closet before anybody knew there was a closet. Billie Jean didn't take any junk and Bouton told everybody Mickey Mantle was human. Woods and Jordan stand for nothing but money. How much do you two need? Stand up for something. Grow a pair.

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Project Christopher said...

1. People who are against Euthanasia have never BEEN the one living inside a vegetable shield and can either not communicate with the outside world and/or take 10 minutes to get "Yes" out. If DNR is legal, then Euthanasia can be too. I agree. We put animals to sleep when they shouldn't have to put up with the agony of living sick. I want that too for myself.

2. Damn skippy!

3. You're right, not our business. But still...

4. Most of that paragraph to me is like Charlie Brown's teacher. Waaa waa wa wa waa wa waaaaaa.... The devil is in the details and confuses me. But the very last line sums it up in a nutshell!

5. YEAH!