Monday, August 10, 2009

Hawking A Big Lying Loogie!

These people just get funnier and funnier. Well, not really since this health care reform is a bit more serious than your average right wingnut cause.
I didn't think the sight of that senile old tool screaming for government to stay out of his Medicare could be beat in the maybe euthanasia isn't so crazy after all department. But today, the Investor's Business Daily, in a predictable editorial ranting against health care reform brought up the British National Health Service and how a genius like Stephen Hawking "wouldn't have a chance" in such a government system with all his physical disabilities.
Um, hey IBD, I know Ronald Reagan supposedly read your publication every day, which would explain a helluva lot, but Stephen Hawking is British. He's 67 years old and has lived in Britain his entire life. That's a lie even Bill O'Reilly wouldn't try.
I'm getting a headache just listening to this garbage. Please stop lying, and settle down, President Obama doesn't want to kill little Trigger Palin. Just kill his mother's lies.


Jack Jodell said...

These corporatist conservative Republicans are getting dumber, wackier, and more dishonest all the time. From this article to Sarah Palin's "Obama death panels"---where in the hell will this all end? Straitjackets for the unruly crazies, anyone?

Project Christopher said...

and Kathie Griffin took the baby daddy to the awards show as a joke....

Blah blah blah.... It seems they rally the hardest against the best truth.