Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ich Bin Sad!

Back in 1973 or so a high school assignment required we write a short bio of a famous person we admired. Since my parents weren't famous, I wrote a short bio of Ted Kennedy. The teacher at the Catholic school in which I was incarcerated gave me back the paper and told me this man was not acceptable as a hero and to write another bio of somebody else. So I wrote a bio of Abbie Hoffman (which may explain my rocky road through high school).
Ted Kennedy was a hero of mine and I don't give a damn who knows. Rich and privileged and a member of Camelot, the man had every reason to get drunk every night, hang around with loose women and wallow in self indulgence. Well, he did that but he also spent his sober moments championing the rights of the downtrodden. He ramrodded civil rights legislation through the Senate, stopped crazy people like Robert Bork from getting on the Supremes, was a pain in the ass to those power mongers at the top and gave the right hell.
Well it's over now. They're all gone. We are left with pretenders and whores. We are left with weak -spined liberals who are so afraid of those Town Hall cretins they won't do anything even remotely controversial. Ted Kennedy didn't care what those mouth breathers of the right said about him (how many times when you were beating the metaphorical shit out of a Republican in an argument did their face get all red and they suddenly blurted "uhhhhhh Chappaquidick!!).
He's gone now, much to the delight of the nuts who pass as Republican leaders.. Limbaugh had no respect today. Hannity had no respect today. Shame on them for without Teddy, Limbaugh would be wearing short sleeved shirts selling radio advertising for DoucheBag and The Dork in the morning and Hannity would be sitting at some Queens bar trying to get somebody to listen to him yammer on about the evils of flouridated water.
When my Dad first got colon cancer in the 1980's , he was so pissed because that "sonuvabitch Reagan" had it at the same time and everybody kept saying "ohhhh yeah, dats what President Reagan has". Dad beat it. My Dad died at 77 from the same cancer Teddy had. That'll make Dad happy. I hope they can both saunter up to the bar and toast each other. Cheers.

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Jack Jodell said...

Ich bin sehr, sehr sad too! It appears that our country lost a great deal when your dad passed, and now also with the passing of Teddy. I have a feeling they're both enjoying a brew together and smiling right now at how well you learned from the examples they both gave you, Max's Dad. Great job again!