Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanks, Obama!

There ya go. I've put some pictures up there in order of their scariness so as not to ruin Hung Over Saturday or whatever it's called.

Which one scares you the most? And by "you" I mean people who have no idea who any of those people are.

Well the top one is of doughy Chicago police officer Dick Jerry Jason Van Dyke. Officer Jason was minding his own business one night protecting white Chicago from Obama's Chicago when he came upon a 17 year old kid walking around with a knife. Now LaQuan McDonald, a fellow Irishman no doubt, decided to walk away from Officer Van Dyke and therefore got shot about 16 times proving the Fox News theory that if you turn your back on a cop you deserve to be shot and shot and shot and repeat. But look at that guy, Van Dyke. He looks so nice and friendly. You'd love him to live next door where you can drink the beer and grill up the meat and complain about how discriminated against you are in Obama's Chicago. Cmon, he aint scary.

The second picture is of one Robert Lewis Dear. Yeah he looks nuts. Like all white gunmen. Ya see all white mass murderers are mentally ill, not politically or religiously motivated like all those other types. Mister Dear walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, a bastion of right wing nuttery, and personally saved 6,000 babies from being killed on that Planned Parenthood abortion assembly line. So for that, he is to be celebrated by fellow mentally ill white people. A cop was murdered, along with two civilians, but hey man, sacrifices have to be made, right? A million babies were saved just by that one act of love by Bob Dear. So maybe he's a bit off, but cetainly not all that scary.

Picture # 3. Oh those crafty, sneaky Muslims. Look at them with their peace and love bullshit. Ya know, deep down underneath those robes and t shirts all of them were packing suicide vests and Korans. A clever ploy, Islam people. But nobody is buying it. Look at that dude on the left for instance. Che Guevara on his t shirt? Commie. And that chick on the right? Whats underneath that black robe? You tell me, fellow christians. Very scary. All of them. Where's peace office Van Dyke when you need him?

Picture # 4. Ok fellow pale faces. We all KNOW for a fact that guy on the left is the scariest one of all. Look at him with his rage and his desire to kill whitey. All because of uhhhhhh oh I don't even know. What could that guy possible be mad about? I mean after all, he has all the advantages with his blackness and his getting ahead without talent and his blackish President looking out for him. And look at that poor policeman on the right. How scared must he be being stared at by a thug knowing that Obama has jammed up his gun by taking it away from him with all his laws against guns and his Obama laws against cops shooting unarmed black kids like that. Man, lighten up a bit there kid. Just think, in a year or so you will be given some CEO job someplace just cuz you asked for it and a white guy will get fired just so you can be accommodated cuz you're black.

Yep, that's Obama's Amurca. Where hero first responders get in trouble (not really) for shooting black thugs even after they fake being dead lying on the ground or start running away or some other threat to all white people everywhere. And while about 6 million babies are murdered every single day just in that one Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic and who gets in trouble? A kindly old man with a rifle just protecting the cute lil babies who will become a burden on the same kindly old man after they are born and then he will hate them and complain about all the breeding going on.

And in Obummer's Amurca where Muslims are allowed to say they are against Daesh or Isis or whatever the fuck those assholes are called and the liberal media takes pictures and buys into it? Hey again look at that Che shirt? Commies all! Probably are hiding severed heads behind that sign.

And also in Nobama's America, where scary black youth are allowed stare, STARE, at a friendly Chicago policeman without being in fear of being shot. What has this nation come to?

Thanks Obama. No seriously, Thanks.

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