Friday, November 20, 2015

Take Them Not Me!

Give me your poor and tired and huddled masses trying to escape murderous criminals who say this "Allahu" is all "Akbar" and shit right before they commit unspeakable acts that only a sick fuck like Eli Roth could think up. Yeah, unless of course you happen to be brown or browner or actually believe this "Allahu" is all "Akbar". That Statue of Liberty, given to us by those cheese eating surrender monkeys, the French, says it right there. However, tear the fucking thing down, boys. President Trump and his band of 289 bed wetters in the most disgusting band of politicians in the world, The United States House of Pussies have declared no more refugees from Syria cuz that dead 3 year old was probably faking drowning and has a suicide vest on already to blow up a Wal Mart or something. No no no, no more. Hey Fuck You Daesh, fuck you US House of Scaredy Cats and fuck you you cowardly Governors sucking your loud mouthed constituents cranks.

Look, I understand the fear. Since Fox News came on the scene, talk radio started up fueling the paranoia of really dumb people, and 9/11 occurred, America has become a nation of minorities. No not THOSE kind of minorities, a minority of really LOUD bigots and pussies who walk around packing heat, shouting at town halls, and disrupting local yokel city council meetings with whatever Mark Levin or that dumbfuck Andrea Tantoros told them to think that day. Right after they got done masturbating to Andrea's sand castle making abilities of course.

The LOUD have become the Daesh of this country. Though upwards of 90% of the people want background checks on fat guys buying guns to "protect" their families and maybe someday get to shoot a black guy legally, the LOUD screams and cries and buys off the bed wetting weasels that we all elect to that shit house in D.C. we call the Capitol. And as long as the LOUD, the bigots, the pussies, the paranoids, the religious kooks are allowed to get away with this intimidation, Daesh is already here. Cuz they fucking won. They're called Republicans.

Meanwhile, most of this nation's governors have clutched their pearls and said no Syrians in my state, Obummer! Though these weak kneed jellyfish have no legal authority to do anything about it, the LOUD ones know they still can fool the really dumb that put them into office. Like our esteemed yellow belly of a Governor. The esteemed trust fund baby, Peter Ricketts, a man so conservative with the taxpayers money, ya know cuz he's all tea partyee, he spends untold amounts of Nebraska tax money to haul a couple of knuckleheads along with him on his George W Bush like vacations so nobody can make him shit his Pampers by startling him with a Cubs joke. Ricketts, never a man to not let his money do the talking for him, is putting the screws to resettlement groups to "not participate" in the re locating of Syrian refugees. Watch out resettlement groups of Nebraska, when Pete starts to throw his wallet around to get what he wants, there's no stopping him. And if he runs out of money, he just calls Daddy to resettle more moolah into Petey's trust fund.

It is pretty disgusting what is going on here. This country has so totally soiled its drawers, well at least the tough guy right, because of something that didn't even happen here, the decline has begun.

A cartoon character leads the Republican field for President. A sleepy dimwit is second. A Canadian refugee is third. And a credit card thief is fourth. What the fuck, Republicans? We all know the hierarchy is worried, so worried some of them are contemplating allowing a former loser to lose again just to make it seem somewhat respectable. Ya know, like 55-45 respectable.

Wow, Americans have gone all French by surrendering to Daesh, Isis, Al Queda,and dead 3 year olds .


To the French, congratulations. You have come a long way from the days when really stupid American politicians decided a food you didn't even invent should be called "Freedom Fries". You were right then. And you are right now. You people are tough as nails, just like the writer of the constitution, Jesus Christ.

So to the cheese eating surrender monkeys I say, Je m'excuse........WE are the cheese eating surrender monkeys now.......just make mine Freedom Cheese!

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