Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bill O'Lielly!

As little as I care that Brian Williams exaggerated his getting blown out of the sky in a chopper in Iraq, oh yeah he didn't but one got shot down an hour before so it's sort of like it was shot down, I care less about Bill O'Reilly being a bloviating liar. Hello, folks, who didn't buy the fact O'Reilly wasn't the big 6 foot 4 bully who was full of shit and used his size and loudness to "win' arguments? Who? Oh yeah, his 70 plus Fox demo. But who not in latter stages of Obamaheimers disease takes this Irish meathead seriously?

O'Reilly is that 7th grade teacher you had, one of the few men teachers, who loudly came across as a total dick, full of himself, and thought he was so cool and hip that who wouldn't walk up to him in 10 years and say "Oh Mister O'Reilly, you were so tough on us, but so fair". Who? Nobody, that's who. Because O'Reilly IS a total dick, full of himself and so out of it he probably still calls young uns "street toughs" or "delinquents".

O'Reilly has been a liar since he punted for the Marist football team and then claimed he was an All American. Marist did have a football team and he may have kicked a few balls for them. Those two facts may be true. After that it's all pretty much another O'Lielly story. Marist had a club football team back when young Billy was falafa-ing the coeds at dear old Marist. Club football is kind of like intramurals, no it IS intramurals. Last time I looked the only "All American" for intramural sports was me. Cuz I said so that's how.

O'Reilly is that Uncle who drinks too much, gathers the eye rolling kids around and starts telling them how when he was a kid back in Levittown or Westchester or wherever the fuck he's from this week, he was "young tough" who didn't take any shit from nobody and protected all the weaklings from the bullies. Just like he protects the "folks" now. By protecting his millions from anybody grabbing it from him and selling Factor keychains to dummies.

Oh Billo. Nobody will fire you at Fox. In fact you should double down on the bullshit and start telling people how you singlehandedly killed Bin Laden, personally brought down oil prices to weaken Putin, and am actually the brains behind Jay Z and you also nail Beyonce whenever you like.

Go ahead Billy. Make shit up to make the "folks" go "yeah that guy tells it like it is"......translation " I'm an idiot stuck in the 1950's and believe everything I want to hear cuz its on TV".

Keep on believing Fox News viewers. Keep on believing O'Relly is actually sitting there at 8pm (EST) putting the libs in their place. Uh, he's not. Bill O'Reilly live really aint gonna make it. He proved that years ago.

Whatever you think, he does NOT "do it live". He gets very angry if he has to "do it live".

He should "do it live". At least he's entertaining then.

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