Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And Another Thing, John McCain Is Old!

Oh my, that crazy dildo enthusiast, James O'Keefe, is at it again. Getting two of his bitches to pose as Muslims, presumably with fake beards and Ali Baba shoes, and secretly taping FORMER NPR fund raising poobah, Ron Schiller, saying really horrible things about teabaggers. Like they're xenophobes, and racists, and Christian fundies, and gun nuts, and uneducated. Schiller also praised NPR for terminating Fox News' house boy, Juan Williams last year. O'Keefe's errand clerks also ranted about Jews controlling the media, presumably to impersonate a teabagger, and offered Sciller, a FORMER NPR fund raiser, a $5 million dollar "donation". Showing more than enough integrity, Schiller said no thanks.

Wow. Some guy who USED to work at NPR spouts off fair and balanced opinions that nobody can deny and now NPR is being attacked again by a self loather like Eric Cantor? Christ, O'Keefe, what next? Are you going to secretly tape a bear crapping in the woods? Or how about The Pope saying a Mass? Or Charlie Sheen snorting blow?

And you, NPR, stating how shocked you are at the fact some former employee thinks teabaggers are racist, dumb, and religious fanatics? I am going to have my brother erase his Carl Kassel voice mail message in protest!

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