Friday, April 15, 2016

Bubble Land!

Being a strict constitutionalist is a bitch these days. Why, every time you turn around there's a mob of libtards trying to take a dump on the constitution and oppress the very people who love this nation so much they cry at the very sight of an eagle.

What I'm talking about of course is voting. The Founding Fathers made it very very clear that voting was a right. A right. A right almost as important as being able to own guns, Almost. But these so called progressives (and we all know that's a PC term for godless commies) for some reason seem to think that voting is for everyone when the FF's certainly did not intend it to be for everyone. It's for white people. And anyone other than a guy who passes the cardboard test has just better let the FF's faves decide what is best for them. Yeah yeah white chicks can vote and that is a flaw that only a few people wish to correct. But come on folks. The great men who founded this super duper country didn't want the slaves voting. Or the immigrants, or the browns or the yellows or anyone who didn't own slaves or as they called it back then, "property".

And by God, the patriots that make up state legislatures all over America are gonna do something about it so that we aren't forced to endure another 8 years of a Kenyan socialist Marxist gay 'Merica hating sumbitch in that White House. Now the patriots that were all elected in very fair elections all over Red America in 2010 and 2014 got right on it. All this voter fraud rampant all over the greatest country on earth in 2008 and 2012 needs to be stopped. And they stopped it.

By passing all these wonderful laws that will only allow people who vote who deserve to America will be great again. Kris Kobach knows. The Secretary of State of Kansas. Elected twice by patriotic Kansans allo ver that forward thinking state. Ya see, the Secretary of State in a place like Kansas really doesn't do shit. So he has lots of time on his hands. Kobach sits around all day with nothing to do and thinks great thoughts. Just like the Scarecrow, who I think was elected as a legislator in Kansas after he got his free brain. Kobach runs all over helping to pass laws that will make America white great again. And it works. He came here to Nebraska a few years back and convinced the rubes that whites were being denied college admission cuz all the blacks were getting in instead cuz of affirmative action. So they outlawed it in this state. Now college is for anybody that can afford it, kind of like before that law was passed except now, goddamit, it's in writing. Unless you are a speedy football player of course, then we are called Nebr-AffirmativeAction-ska. GBR!!!

Kris Kobach, who looks like a guy trying to sell you an extended warranty on a 2007 Nissan. is persecuting prosecuting rampant voter fraud in Kansas. Well it must be rampant, you see, because Kansas only voted for Mittens Von Romney and Paul Bro Ryan by a margin of 60% to 38% over that foreign born Mooslim usurper. Obviously since it was not 80-20 (Lawrence exists after all so 100% is not possible) there had to be some sort of shenanigans going on. So Kobach is after the frauds. He has sent 6 people to court in the last 9 months and actually has a conviction. One. So dont tell me he isn't doing the Lord's work.

If you live in Kansas you have to register to vote within 21 days of the election to be able to vote Republican unless of course you read Spanish, then you have to register within 15 days. This is what Kobach's voter guide told the people who didnt learn to speak the English within 48 hours like his great great grandpappy did. Oh wait, it IS 21 days? Oh sorry for the error amigo. And that whole Spanish speakers vote on Wednesdays, well that's true, I think. Kobach is really doing white Jesus' work. Fuck him and his kid named Reagan,

Voter laws are meant to do one thing. Keep Democrats from voting. Keep non whites from voting. Keeping the "wrong" type of people from voting. Rig elections so white Republicants make it into office and start passing laws to keep dudes in dresses from going into girls bathrooms and molestin' their daughters cuz thats what all dudes in dresses do. It's in the Bible or something.

It's not gonna work. The demo isn't there. Your time has passed, olds. Trump isn't gonna save you from having the family with the funny name from moving in down the block. Trump or Cruz isn't stopping progress. Conservatives always lose eventually. It never fails. People have brains and the ability to think. Prejudice goes away as they meet more and more diverse people. If you live in Republican bubble land, that isn't changing of course. Ah Bubble Land, where everyone is white, my religion, thinks just like me, watches Fox news, and was convinced Lord Romney of Mormon Land was a shoo in, That land is a wasteland. It's still there, but the bubble is shrinking daily. It's called the fucking internet. It's called information. It's called CNN or BBC or whatever other station you don't watch pops up on your TV. It's called small town kids dying to get the hell out of Bubble Land. It's here, Kris Kobach and all your Secretary of Statin' down there in Kansas, home of wild farm land fires , aint gonna stop small town Johnny from Liberal, Kansas from wantin to move to a big city like Wichita and experience life. your Bubble Land is about to burst.

Boom! I can't wait.

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