Sunday, January 31, 2021

Nuke Them Now Chuck!

 I thought when Joe Biden took the oath of office on that meteor sized Bible I could let out a sigh of relief and I did. But I didnt know that it would be soon after I realized that like Japanese soldiers who after World War II refused to admit defeat, the clan of the Cult45 would remain. After the former Traitor in Chief left, and it was the perfect opportunity for a certain political party to cut the body loose, that certain party couldnt let go. Instead, like an anchor they refuse to lose, this party continues to allow a refugee tell it what to do. The fear of a certain group of violent cultists remains.

The party that remains loyal to a criminal enterprise stays intact. Threatening its members with the courage to do whats right, put country over party and willing to wisely move on, with repercussions is really cowardly. But because of the fear of violent insurrectionists not in prison and the death threats from same, these Republican cowards bow to the will of a loser living in Florida. Its sad. Its scary. And it must be dealt with. Nuke them Chuck Schumer NOW

The fact 45 Republicans in the Senate expressed support for a man who started a violent riot, put out a hit on every single one of them , and would have killed them all been given the chance, is pathetic. Where is these peoples self esteem? While they continue to prop up a liar and a traitor, the country slides back into shithole status , a status I never thought I'd see again. Again, Nuke Them Now Chuck.

Unity? Unity? A party of turncoats, a party still bootlicking a con artist, a party that lost all 3 branches of government, demands "unity? Who wants to unify with Nazis? Who wants to unify with the likes of Loren Boebert or Tommy Tuberville? I'd rather unify with a rabid racoon. The GOP lost. They were crushed because of an Orange Ox they still bow to. Yet they want to unify? Sure they do. Nuke Them Now Chuck!

The impeachment trial is coming up. The Republican suck ups will defend the criminal with all their might. They will go to the mat for this loser, just as they did after he started the insurrection that almost got them killed. Its amazing to think what goes thru their heads. Imagine being afraid of middle aged goateed white men whose only political beliefs are racist and devotion to one man? JFC Republicans grow a pair. Nuke Them Now Chuck.

Meanwhile imagine a political party that allows a kook who believes 9/11 was an inside job, Parkland was a false flag, the Las Vegas shooting was a plot to kill T***p voters, a Jewish Space Laser Ray started California wild fires, that Nancy Pelosi should be shot, that the Slime in Chief won the election in a landslide and that her own mentally ill words are a "smear", to tell them what to do. Thats what they are doing. Allowing this blonde whacko to run the show. Remember Al Franken got run out of the Senate for a joke picture taken years earlier, yet this crazy Georgia Leech remains in power, perhaps on the Education Committee .

The swearing in was supposed to be a chance to decompress. How naïve.

Nuke them NOW Chuck!

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