Friday, November 19, 2021

Kyle The Killer!

 Well he is on the right side of the political fence. You know the gun nut afraid of black people itchin to kill somebody side. The side that gets Mommy to drive little Kyle across state lines with an illegal weapon to "protect" private property from the rampaging blacks burning the whole city to the ground because hey Im sick of video games and T***P night not be re elected and this is practice.

Kyle the Killer was set free today. Set free in a state where apparently you can shoot black folks 7 times in the back and kill two white protesters and severely wound another for daring to take the side of justice. Thus now every white gun kook with a lot of free time and the standard issue AR 15 and lots of military equipment can go to a protest they dont like and gun down people at will. Or at least thats what the mayonnaise militia morons think. 

Between that and the yeah go ahead and run people over at protests laws the GOP Fascists have passed I am really afraid its too goddamn late  to change this. I hope I'm wrong.

Ive never shot a gun in my life. I hate guns. Im not fond of hunting. But today I understand the saying "liberals have guns too".

Tuesday, November 16, 2021



This damned thing is over finally. The jury chosen out of a hat like its a Harry Potter hat was chosen by the defendant? The judge is a villain in a John Grisham novel. The defense attorney is a bellowing baboon who put the victims on trial as asking for it. The prosecution is a bumbling production of some satiric courtroom drama who points AR 15s at the jury and continually violates the crazy judges instructions. The defendant is a no chance punk raised by a monster who should go to jail with him. Nobody seems to want to win this.

Look I will be shocked if this jury convicts this little shitheel of anything. Despite the fact his mommy drove him across state lines to Kenosha with an AR 15 he couldnt legally own so he could serve as a "medic". What ended up happening we all know. He killed two people and wounded one other. He was looking to kill somebody when he went up there and with the cops encouragement he blasted two people into the ground.

But in this society, where white people are terrified of EVERYTHING, this kind of vigilante murder will not be punished. The white jury will sympathize with this white kid, who had business being there, because well, ya know.

But the worst thing said in the farce of a trial was should have troubled everyone was when the defense claimed that it was ok to shoot somebody 7 times so it should be ok to shoot 4 times in a thinly veiled reference to prosecutors failing to prosecute the cop who shot Jacob Blake in the back. To relate a law enforcement officer to a 17 year old outsider looking for trouble is abhorrent. In this dsy and age nobody cares. And of course since an acquittal has been in the works from the start, and since that will result in more "riots" the Wisconsin state government will activate 500 National Guard troops to keep "order".

We all know the "riots" occur whenever the left doesnt get its way. When the right doesnt get its way, no big deal. They're all fine people just like your plumber or the local cops. Fine people right up thru the time  they kill cops and shit in the Capitol. Ya know, touristy folks.

This country is degenerating into a shithole that it may never recover from. The justice system is a joke. The GOP has rigged every election in some states from now on with its suppression of voters of color and its outlandish gerrymandering. 

Fascism is here. Rittenhouse is just another brownshirt thug. The sad news is theres thousands more out there ready to go. Fuck.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Wise Up!

 Somewhere around the end of the Soviet Union's rusty reign of error, the GOP decided it needed a new enemy. The party had relied on a fear strategy for over 40 years scaring the bejesus out of Americans with tall tales of Soviet world dominance when in reality they knew the Soviets were a collapsing bucket of corroded bolts. 

Then came Bill Clinton. The GOP needed a new enemy to maintain the fear they relied on to win elections. No more godless commies. So turn on your own. Other Americans.

They've been doing it for 40 years. Demonizing fellow Americans. Appealing to the same assholes who saw a commie under every bed and feared the sudden surge for equal rights. Hey man, it works. 

The GOP has degenerated from a party of Lincoln and Roosevelt and Ike into a group of cynical exploiters reliant on white America's fear of equality.   

Meanwhile Democrats continue to prefer being the smartest guy in the room to actually winning elections. Their constant need to explain why somebody else is wrong by quoting policy and other wonky shit to people who hate them because of that need has to stop. You may be smarter than most people, you are definitely more well read, but to ignore peoples emotions and ignorance is a sure loser strategy. Yep, thats why they hate you.

Condescension is a losing strategy. Just fucking stop it. It may make you feel like you won but what actually happened is the exact opposite. You lost.

I am what they call a progressive, we used to be called liberals or commies, but what I realize is I will take what I can get. If I am offered two pieces of pizza while I'm looking at 8 pieces and I'm hungry and its apparent I aint getting the whole thing and probably not even 3 pieces I will take the two. I cant stress that enough. Take what you can get. Dont whine and scream and follow people into bathrooms and block people from leaving garages because you are arming the other side with your belligerence. The other side lies, and they twist things to fit the lies. And it works.  You armed them.

I dont want to spend my remaining years in some fascist shithole led by mean nasty assholes like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. Or Donald Trump.

But thats what coming. If this same loser strategy is continued. Wise up and stop trying to Rise Up 24/7! You're trying way too hard to to lose. Try winning for a change. THEN do what you want.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Debt Ceiling "Showdown"!!

 This stupid debt ceiling (dont ask what it is I have no idea nor apparently do most Republicans) "crisis" has been solved till at least December when this bullshit will all go down again. Because Senate Republicans are bound and determined to bring down the Biden administration and hopefully the entire nation by being a cockblocker ad nauseum.

I've often criticized Democrats, so afraid of "offending" people who keep sitting on their chest and saying stop slapping yourself. So scared of "offending" a random T***P voter who would justify fire bombing "Democrat" HQ's and attacking them on the street as far left radicals or whatever the latest Josh Hawley (Traitor-Va) insult they remember. 

But Thursday evening after the debt ceiling "crisis" was avoided with phony Republican help the wet noodle leader, Chuck Schumer (Sweaty Handshake-NY), stood up to speak. And the Noo Yawker in him came out. Now he didn't walk over to each Republican Senator and say "fuck you" and "fuck you too" to each one as I would have preferred, but he did show a version of pissed off Chuck I've never seen.

Schumer called out the Republican seditionists for taking the country to the brink of default as a cheap political stunt and even called out by name that turtle looking evil motherfucker, Moscow Mitch McConnell, by name. As he did this , the Republicans clutched their pearls, put their hands over their mouths and fell onto the fainting couch provided by Lindsey Graham (Tiny Little Coward-SC). Oh mah stars. A "Democrat" tantrum. Thats so out of line. Meanwhile as Schumer spoke his mind behind him was Joe Manchin (R by proxy-WV) put his head in his hands, and making sure he was on camera, made his eyes go back in his head, and acted all "offended".

Willard "Mittens" Romney walked over to Schumer afterwards and said it was no time to be ungrateful as if him sitting behind Hawley glaring laser beams thru him as Hawley back on 1/6 carried on with his doe eyes staring lovingly at the camera praising a band of trash, arsonists, anarchists, and goateed white criminals who tried to kill Mittens. 

But Manchin ( Drug Profiteer-WV) was the cats pajamas of pretend victim. Manchin ,who WILL switch parties at some point , called Schumer's speech "fucking stupid". He got up and walked away during the speech, again after making sure he was on camera, Walk back to Huntington or Charleston or wherever the fuck you're from, Joe.

But McConnell, the utter epitome' of evil, the guy who openly roots for the destruction of democracy, the guy who lies for a living, the guy who gets a boner from power, the guy who despite having a 32% approval won re election in a landslide, the guy who makes Kentucky look dumb as hell, the guy who gets off on poor people getting evicted, this motherfucker was the worst. Swearing the Republicans would never help again the country avoid default, McConnell, who apparently allowed the filibuster to die so the actual vote could take place, in other words he blinked, Moscow Mitch did Putin's work for him yet again.

This is getting uglier by the day. Mars Attacks is getting more desirable. 

Chuck, they hate you already, they will never come around , the base will kill you if they ever get a chance, let Pissed Off Chuck rule.

Nuke them NOW.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 Is Cats a classic musical? I've avoided it mostly because many many people have told me to avoid it but when it comes up as part a a season ticket package for traveling Broadway series I guess I've been trapped in a tree I cant avoid. 

Cats came through Omaha last evening and for the first time in nearly two years I set foot in a theater to watch something in person. It was bizarre. Masked up, paranoid and hoping that fucking virus found me deplorable enough to avoid we entered the place to observe Cats from the front row of the balcony.

Did I like Cats, the 40 year old play that people either love or hate? Let me take 3 steps to do this.

1) The Orpheum Theater 

This place was built as a movie and vaudeville house damn near 100 years ago. It deteriorated over the years and I remember seeing a movie there as a kid in the 1960s for being a great Safety Patrol guy. Me and everybody else.

In the 1970's the old place was remodeled and turned into a Performing Arts Center and featured concerts and plays and whatever religious scammer blew into town. I saw Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Billy Eckstine , Dizzy Gillespie yeah ok Im a jazz fan. But the Orpheum was built for 1927 people and  are lets face it 1927 people arent 6 foot 2. The first row of the balcony may seem great in theory, but theres a cement wall there and a railing.  6 Foot 2 guys cannot possibly get any leg room. In other words quite honestly the place is a dump for 2021. 

2) Cats Act 1

A bunch of talented actors, dancers and singers dressed as cats hop around a stage made to look like a junk yard sing some tunes, and with no apparent story line or plot it began to resemble a haphazard concert with some decent tunes and some that you couldn't wait to end. Then came the end of Act 1 with a rendition of the former guys favorite tune, Memories.

Now most people I've talked to left at this point having heard the only damn song anybody knows. Whats the point of going on? This is a plotless, pointless exercise in futility. We thought about bailing but stuck it out.

3) Cats Act 2

In the words of Larry David, it was pretty pretty pretty good. The tunes picked up, the plot didn't really improve but the old cat got to sing Memories two more times and I was entertained. The Magical Mister Mephistopheles sequence with a dancer doing flips, coat changing colors , and an energy that was quite remarkable was the highlight. Then it ended with the old cat singing Memories yet again and I was now aware why "nobody" likes this play, They all freakin leave at halftime.

My advice. Get there 90 minutes after the start time and you will think damn this is good.  I also just wish Andrew Lloyd Webber would write a play named DOGS!

And one more thing. Even the baffling Act 1 would have been better than the alternative act playing in town last night. The fuckin Eagles. Dude.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Nebraska Shenanigans!

 Years ago Alexander Payne made one of his quirky movies and called it Nebraska. The plot involved a small town in Nebraska and its group of rural folk and a lottery and anyway it was great. And if you lived here you knew all those people. And quite frankly it was scary. Scary in the sense that nobody who lives in the cities wants to live in that small generic town featured in the movie. Yet we are that close. And Im sure those rural folk dont want to live among us city dwellers either. What with our theaters and stores and the blacks and browns. Oops did I spill the truth?

Nebraska is a state with a weird unicameral system. We have a state legislature of only 49 "non-partisan Senators. There's no House. Just a gang of 49 people who get paid shit wages, consists mostly of old white men and a few old white women who want to keep their Dust Bowl values . But lately there are more and more blacks and browns and city women getting in the Unicameral and are sick to death of the fucking 1950s. 

We also have a unique voting system(and you too Maine) that splits electoral votes by congressional district during Presidential elections. So in 2020, the city of Omaha looked at that bull in a china shop traitorous shitbird, Donald Trump, and said no more. Joe Biden won this district by 9 points and thus got an electoral vote out of Nebraska. Oh yeah and by the way Barack Obama accomplished the same in 2008. In 2011 the GOP in Nebraska gerrymandered the 3 congressional districts by making our district more Republican. Thus we lost in 2012 and 2016 to a Mormon robot and a fucking reality show host who wears diapers. But 2020 was different. 

Now in 2021, the heavily Republican lege is screwing around again. They REALLY dont want a Democrat to win anything ever again anyplace in the state.  And instead of just appealing to people with your political philosophy, they just do what the GOP does to win. They cheat.

Gerrymandering is an art in other states. Here its just a blatant outright scam. The Republicans in the lege, and our Covid loving Governor with national aspirations (HA makes me laugh everytime) have an easy solution. Just split Omaha in two. Make the largest population base in the state the least populous by sticking half of Omaha in a heavily Republican area and sticking the other half in a even more Republican area. And of course then try and make it a positive by stating out loud.......ok wait for it now.....hey you city people, this way you get TWO Congressmen. Get it? 

But instead of accepting your GOP gift like a good Republican in rural Nebraska we here say hey fuck you. Thus, the fighting has begun. The legislature, in special session called by Pandemic Pete Ricketts, is hollering at each other. Rural white geriatric Senators ranting that the 2020 vote was fraud because the "illegals" all voted in Omaha and thus this is is nothing but a noble attempt to secure our already secure elections. The city led core of mostly younger females and POC's are fighting hard to avoid becoming the crazy liberal in the hick town. I dont know how this will end because generally we run about 50 years behind the times here, but it doesnt look promising . 

If this is happening here, its happening everywhere and has been for 50 years.

Pay attention dammit. These Republican fuckwads cheat better than anybody. Its in their nature. Like my old man said whenever a perceived good person got arrested, oh hell he went Republican.

Nebraska is already Republican enough. If they bust up the biggest city, its over for us blue dot people. We in Omaha have no desire to be governed by a gaggle of hayseeds from Wahoo. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021



Disorder in Afghanistan. The perceived botching of an evacuation. Forced forward by a political party that openly supports an insurrection to restore a mad man to office though he lost by 8 million votes. Jump on Biden, blame him for the deaths of 13 Marines blown up by a daily occurrence in that country. A suicide bomber. Call for his impeachment, call for him to resign. Call him senile. Divert attention from their true goal. To gain back power. 

Meanwhile the chaos going on in this country gets worse and worse. The vaccinated Republicans casting doubts on the prevention of even further damage. Ginning up a base of weak minded cultists to deny science, refuse masks, hawk quack remedies of horse de-wormer and snake venom instead of simply getting a free fucking shot . Look, idiots, these GOP ghouls don't give a rats ass about you. They care about retaining their money funnel. And by denying Joe Biden any progress on getting this pandemic behind us, by denying Joe Biden the credit for one of the most efficient evacuations since Dunkirk, by doing nothing to advance the country they load their bullshit guns for 2022. Hey and it may work.

Americans are not smart. They believe whatever they see on Facebook from some Russian bot. The refuse facts. They hang in their bubbles and think anything that goes against them is rigged. They worship a game show host with fake hair, a fake tan, and a fake sense of humanness. Because they're dumb.

Covid 19 should be completely manageable by now. But these mush brains, fueled by Republican bullshit artists, Republican bullshit TV news networks, and Russian propaganda designed to create this chaos have stalled any progress. In fact we are regressing. Going back to square one. Record number of infections, unvaccinated children put at risk, Republican Governors participating in the stalling to satisfy their own political ambitions to be the next Cult Leader. Loudmouthed thugs disrupting meetings designed to save lives, the sight of nurses and health care workers demonstrating outside overcrowded hospitals against vaccinations. It is insanity. 

The only silver lining? MAGA devastated by their own ignorance. I'm just not above it any longer. Just fucking die already.