Friday, December 1, 2023


 Damn I still love "grunge". The style of hard rocking music from the 90's that put the hair metal bands out of business and thank gawd for that. Bush appeared at the new venue in Omaha called the Steelhouse last night and they still have it going on.

Opening act was something called Bad Wolves, a generic screeching metal band that was fine if you're into that cookie monster growling style of rock. I am not thus it was me looking at their setlist hoping for the end. 

And now a pet peeve of mine. Lead singers who call the crowd "motherfuckers" constantly. I know its schtick and its part of the identity, but I really don't like being called that from a stage because the crowd isn't making enough noise for the singer's taste. I first heard a lead singer calling us that during a Rob Zombie concert and it made me hate the guy forever. The lead singer of Bad Wolves even apologized for his constant motherfucker talk but then he kept going. LOL..I'm "offended" by stupid shit, indeed, and what does he care what a geriatric grunge fan thinks, but hey dude there was only one "motherfucker" in that venue, and it wasn't the crowd.

Bush took the stage and launched right into Everything's Zen sending the crowd into an immediate frenzy, Machine Head was the 2nd song and quite frankly they had gotten the songs I definitely wanted to hear out there immediately and for that I was happy. Newer songs then began to dominate the show as they were obviously saving the Sixteen Stone songs for the end. Their new stuff was good, much like the 90's grungy stuff but they lost the crowd as most people were not familiar with it. Lots of us olds were leaving early. It picked back up and the crowd came back. 

Gavin Rossdale is 58 years old, looks like he's in his 30's, and still has it going on. In fact, after he told the audience "Omaha you look great" a guy in his 50's next to me exclaimed "you look great too, Gavin, you son of a bitch". Classic old guy envy. Rossdales's voice is deeper, growlier,  and seasoned to the point he sounds better than ever. His stage demeanor is very English and very subdued. It was a great show.

I first saw Bush in 1995 with Toadies (how's that for grunge) at the old Omaha Music Hall, an old dump with horrid sound mercifully torn down in the 2000's. The new venue, the Steelhouse in downtown is rather new (opened in July of 2023) and it is wonderful. The sound is crisp, you can understand the performers, the "motherfuckers" were crisp and clear and the lyrics of the songs were understandable. It's the best arena for rock I've been to maybe anywhere. I plan to return.

My Fair Lady and Bush all in two days. Yes, I am very diverse.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Welcome To Hell!

 Henry Kissinger, who has led my annual dead pool list for decades, has finally drowned in his self-made bathtub of blood. Today the world is a better place than it was just two days ago when that genocidal maniac was still breathing. The man was evil, pure fucking evil, and was responsible for millions of people, mostly not white, being dead. His entire life was one of genocide, war crimes, meddling, and loving the spotlight that the elite gave him at the cocktail parties and events honoring this mass murderer.

Kissinger was responsible for so many unnecessary killings, all to benefit him and his benefactors, he certainly belongs on the list that includes Mao and Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot. If you don't care about dead foreigners. as he did not. perhaps you care about 20,000 dead Americans from 1969-1975 in Vietnam. Kissinger and his fellow hell dweller, Richard Nixon, sabotaged the 1968 Paris Peace Talks that were on the way to ending that illegal and immoral war, in order to hang the war around Hubert Humphreys neck and gain power. Kissinger should have died in federal prison but instead limousined his way around the world in luxury and admiration. The motherfucker got the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the war that could have ended in 1968, saving 20,000 Americans and untold hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese. Disgraceful.

He signed off on Chilean coups that resulted in the death of thousands of Chileans who had duly elected Salvator Allende. Pinochet, an actual convicted war criminal, was Kissinger's choice to rid Chile of democracy. He signed off on Pakastani massacres of Hindus, Indonesian Massacres of East Timor residents, Argentinian juntas. genocide in Cambodia, and the harassment of American liberals. 

I don't wish death on people, but if anybody needed to die and enter hell, it's this monster. The man had no morality, no ethics, no decency and no right to be alive at 100 years old while children died due to his indifference to humanity.

Kisinger was so amoral, so heinous, that he reportedly said after Israel violated a 1973 cease fire. "If it w re not for the accident of my birth, I would be antisemitic. Any people who have been persecuted for 2000 years must be doing something wrong" An antisemitic Jewish guy.  Thats him. A total misanthrope with nefarious intent.

This corrupt human never stopped being corrupt. Right up to his 100th birthdate he was convinced his world view of kill em all and let God sort em out was still valid. He continued to "advise" the world's most depraved leaders to continue the depravity. 

As Nixon welcomed this malignant human to hell, I'm sure they plotted to continue to unleash evil onto the world they no longer inhabit.  

 Save this hell bound miscreant a seat, Henry, you wicked assassin. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

My Fair Lady!

My Fair Lady's national tour opened in Omaha at the Orpheum last night in front of a packed house (at least on the floor). Now this is a classic musical from the 1950's and 60's based on the George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion. A cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, is taken in by a weird professor, Henry Higgins, who bets he can teach her to be a high-class lady who will fool them all. The training occurs, Eliza becomes a lady, Higgins treats her as a project that he won, she leaves angry and disrespected, he realizes he's in love with her and she comes back.....or does she? 

That's the story. Now the music. Some of the most iconic songs in theater history reside in this musical. Wouldn't It Be Loverly, With a Little Bit of Luck, the Rain in Spain, I Could have Danced All Night, On the Street Where You Live, Get Me To The Church On Time and I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face. I mean if you didn't know those songs were all from one musical, you will realize it soon enough. It really is amazing that all those classic tunes those of us of a certain age grew up hearing on every variety show known to man in the 60's and 70's are all from one show.

The performances are great. Anette Barrios-Torres is only in her second week as Eliza Doolittle on this tour, but you'd never know it. She has the chops of a veteran. Jonathan Grunert as Henry Higgins has been doing the show so long its second nature to him and he shines. But now let's talk about Michael Hegarty as Eliza's father. Alfred P Doolittle. This guy has the moves of a Jackie Gleason, lots of power and energy to mention for a big guy he moves like an athlete and damn he can sing. He was a commanding presence every time he was on stage. During the number featuring Get Me To The Church On Time the musical turned into a wild burlesque show featuring dance hall girls and Hegerty doing a Ralph Kramden like pirouette. I half expected a bang zoom moment. The great talent on stage is undeniable.

Now the truth as I see it. This musical is dated. Though the final scene was changed to reflect modern times by leaving a did she stay, or did she go ending open to interpretation, you can see why this was popular in 1957 to about 1964, when the movie was made. In 1964 The Beatles changed everything. Modern audiences changed. Youth changed. It was no longer popular for rather mundane story lines reflecting middle class values and happy endings to dominate. Pretty soon Broadway had Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell and Cabaret, musicals that reflected subjects that had been taboo. The war in Vietnam, homosexuality, religion, and the draft were all now able to be talked about and put to music. Old musicals like My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, Carousel etc.. , though wonderful still, do not require a lot of thinking and that's good at times. It's candy and popcorn. Fantastic but not really nutritious. My Fair Lady fits there. It's not going to offend, it's not going to get protesters, it's not going to scare anybody away. It's just entertaining in a 1960 kind of way. Sometimes that's just what you need. Go see it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

$90 Turkeys And Overreacting!

 Yesterday on the network invented for people who live in an alternate geezer world these three fuksticks got together to wax poetically on the cost of turkey. Jason Chaffetz, an idiot who gave up a House seat to jump onto the Titanic called Truth Social, twitter for people who think Elon Musk is a Bolshevik, claimed out loud he went to the turkey store and paid $90 for a turkey. As he said this nonsensical statement, professional liar and devout "Christian" Kayleigh McEnaney, shook her head either in an agreement kind of way or I can't believe I'm still getting away with this shit way. Meanwhile at home, Mee Maw and Paw Paw were sitting there yelling "hell yeah" as their $15 turkey suddenly became $90 and PaPa had a new way to piss off the kids on Thursday (We paid $15 for this turkey but Biden raised the price yesterday we sure were lucky). Meanwhile generic white male on the right either grinned trying not to laugh or began to question his life choices.

By the way, turkey prices are down 6% from last year and inflation is under control as the oil companies play Bob Cratchit and only make outrageous profits for a bit instead of the robber baron profits from the last 2 years. I don't know about Chaffetz and his $90 turkey (maybe he ordered if from Door Dash and left a giant tip by mistake) but McEnaney knows better. But she's so used to over the top lying I'm surprised she didn't jump in with "I paid over $100 for mine". 

Meanwhile, over on Titanic Social, the Defendant posted this:

Wow there Herr Trump. Climbing onboard the Nazi train with direct quotes about his opposition being "vermin" and now "finish the job once and for all"?

Let's break this down.

Final Battle---appealing to the evangelicals who want so bad to die and go to heaven I'm surprised the suicide rate isn't out of control.

Deep State, warmongers, Communists, Marxists and Fascists (throw that part in as a wink wink) globalists-- AHA!!!We all know what "globalist" and "Marxists" means in MAGA speak. The  Jewwwwwwwzzzzz.......

Fake News Media---More Jewwwwwwzzzz

FINISH THE JOB ONCE AND FOR ALL! -- remember that gallows on Jan 6? Too slow. Arm yourselves MAGA and with a $100 contribution to me you too can be chosen to execute our enemies via lottery.

Well, this is getting serious isn't it. The Perps call to violence to save his ass is coming fast. Stopping him is not for sleepwalkers who insist ohhh that can't happen here stop overreacting. Oh yeah? Overreacting? 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Confederacy Of Dunces!

 I am not sure what the hell is going on in the hallowed halls of Congress any longer. But since about 1994 when Americans decided to vote for crazy fuckers the Congress is getting dumber and crazier. Now you can argue the House has always been full of some of the dumbest and craziest hissing possums known to man, but the Senate "The World's Greatest Deliberative Body" which used to have statesmen and not so crazy Republicans and Democrats is becoming the House. Idiots who never ever would have been elected in the past are now commonplace in the Senate. Tuberville, Blackburn, Mullins, Cramer, Daines, Crapo, Hagerty, Johnson, and Wicker are all just plain stupid people elected by other stupid people. Meanwhile people like Cotton, Cruz, Graham, Hawley, Kennedy, Lee, Rubio, Scott, Sinema, Vance and Manchin are not stupid but are just plain evil in the fact they are smart yet play dumb so the dumb people will vote for them also.

This week in the House, the asylum for the certified looney birds have been holding "hearings" to keep their dumb asses in the limelight so they can raise money from other dopes. 

Perhaps the two craziest motherfuckers in the House made asses out of themselves by daring to express their ignorance to actual smart people in a sort of gotcha way that only fellow nutjobs find appealing. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the cross fit trainer fucker, established herself as the Carrot Top of the House with her giant props. Unfortunately for America, she has zero sense of humor and acts like a crazed Gallagher as she smashes logic with a sledgehammer. Taking on FBI Director, Chris Wray, with gigantic blowups of tweets and charts and paranoia, she accused him of censoring her on Twitter and sic'ing the Dept of Homeland Security on her to which he replied with an answer anybody with a 6th grade education would know "I'm not in the Dept of Homeland Security". This just infuriated her more as she railed on with more statements of irrelevance. 

Disgraced former cop and drawling imbecile Clay Higgins took over. More giant props of photos of "ghost buses" that Higgins thinks in that gumbo of a brain of his that "proves" the Jan 6 trash was all FBI informants and agents dressed up like Trump supporters. After Wray looked at him like where are the guys in the white coats Higgins blew his stack and declared "your day is comin" like a madman in a red hat and ill-fitting suit on a stage spouting nonsense about retribution.

Over in the Senate, the world's greatest blah blah, a dipshit Okie name Markwayne Mullin, a former House nut, read mean tweets some Teamster head sent out about him being a phony and a fraud. Mullin, tough guy who hid in the House from the very people who voted for him on Jan 6, challenged said Teamster to a fight right there, stood up and removed his wedding ring, giving his poor spouse hope I'm sure, before the adult in the room, Bernie Sanders, told him to sit down, "You're a United States Senator, act like one". And before the Teamster knocked his ass out and buried him under a stadium someplace, Mullin sat down. Mullin, a former MMA meathead, then decided he looked weak and went on the typical ass kissing shows like Hannity and Newsmax and doubled down on his tough guy bullshit. Duels and caning and assaults, all of which were from the 1800s and look like idiocy now, seem to appeal to a CTE sufferer like Markwayne. 

This is your Congress, America. Keep voting accordingly like the 2008 election broke your fucking common sense. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Elections and Free Speech!

The 2023 elections were last night in a number of states. The GOP was up for review in numerous places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Mississippi and school boards all over the nation. And with the exception of lost cause Mississippi and its voter suppression tactics the Republicans got curb stomped. 

In Ohio voters, by overwhelming margins, codified abortion into the Ohio Constitution and legalized recreational weed. This red state, which I've driven through the rural areas, is every bit as red as Nebraska. The Trump barn is normal in rural Ohio, but the cities countered that by turning out and crushing the rural pro lifers and Reefer madness crowd. In fact, the rural areas did not even vote in overwhelming numbers to outlaw abortion and outlaw weed.  There are a lot of individuals who actually do believe in freedom and just don't just give it lip service.

In Pennsylvania the Supreme Court is now 5-2 Democratic. Yeah, good luck with that, GOP fascists.

In Virginia not only did the voters keep the state Senate in Democratic hands, it flipped the House from Republican to Democratic. Virginia voters were fooled by so called "moderate" Republican Glenn Youngkin in 2020 as a relief to the nutty direction the GOP had taken. But as usual, the "moderate" was just a MAGA wolf in a vest. Last night was a big fuck off to Glenn Youngkin, the supposedly sane guy other supposedly sane Republicans were gearing up for a potential 2024 Presidential run. Sorry, those plans are on hold.

Mississippi is still a lost cause. Despite scandal after scandal, Governor Goober, Tate Reeves, won reelection because Mississippi white voters gotta white vote. White supremacy the way grandpappy used to support is still in Mississippi's DNA. And with the new voter suppression movement, those pesky blacks were reigned in with understaffed polling places, lack of ballots and a judge refusing to extend the 9 pm voting deadline. 

But the best was Yusuf Salaam winning a seat on the New York City Council. You may recall 15-year-old Yusuf Salaam was arrested in 1989 along with 4 other black teens and convicted of the gang rape of a white Central Park jogger. He spent 7 years in prison before that pain in the ass DNA exonerated him and the rest. You may also recall a local real estate con man named Donald Trump took out full page ads in New York newspapers calling for Salaam and the rest to be executed. That didnt age well but in typical Trump fashion he refused to admit he was wrong. So last night was another fuck you to the Defendant.

Meanwhile in the insane asylum called the House of Representatives, a censure resolution was passed against Rep Rashida Tlaib. She had expressed pro-Palestinian statements and this was not to be tolerated in the pandering clown show. Now I have no love for Tlaib's from the river to the sea bullshit, but the House censured her for political speech, period. The crazies and the cowards banded together for once, including pandering Democrats, to pass this idiotic censure despite GOP idiots like Rep Max Miller and Rep Brian Mast calling for mass murder of Palestinian children and calling them Nazis. Also nothing about the presence of Camp Auschwitz guy and actual Nazi scum at the Capitol on Jan 6th. Read the First Amendment, cowards, or in the case of the crazies, have somebody read it to you.

Now you can get back to the paranoia over "globalists" and "Soros backed DA's".

Friday, November 3, 2023

Friday Ramblings!

Hamas, Israel, Palestinians oh my. First off the atrocities of Hamas are mind boggling and the thought that alleged humans like this exist in the world is troubling. Second, the marching on college campuses of young people chanting "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" is also troubling. 80% if not more of these idiots chanting it have no fucking idea what that means other than its a cute rhyme. It's a call for the destruction of the Jewish people and if you DO know that you are a monster. Third, Benjamin Netanyahu is a bribe taking scumbag (Israel's Trump) who probably belongs in jail. He holds off the mob of Israelis who hate his guts by responding to an act of war by the way all politicians do. Create a crisis, bomb the shit out of innocents, wrap yourself in the flag and holler a lot. See 2003 Iraq and 2002 Afghanistan. And fourth, this is so complicated that nobody knows what to do. Its probably somewhere between turn Gaza into a parking lot (the American right) and kill all the Jews (the American far left and the American far right). 

The Trumps on trial. Where, may you ask? Atlanta, DC, Miami or NYC. Well, this week it's in NYC as the spawns of Satan are forced to testify. The Sgt Schultz defense of I know nothing I see nothing seems to be the defense strategy set forth by Trumps spokesmodel lawyer. Meanwhile, the privileged Trump kids treat it as a joke. Junior joked about makeup, Eric denied it all until confronted with emails and then homina homina homina'd his way thru it. Vanky attempted to delay her "testimony" by claiming it was undue hardship because it came during a "school week" though for some reason that didn't matter when she attended a Kardashian birthday party the week before. These people are trash. Period.

The Texas Rangers won the World Series? They did? When was this held? Baseball (my fave) is a fucking sinking ship. 

The new Speaker of the House, a truly evil bigot and homophobe named Mike Johnson. is on the edge of darkness 24/7 365. He's catering to the Crazy Caucus, another band of evil bigots and worse, dumbshits and phonies. The GOP House is passing bills they know are DOA in the Senate and claiming how hard working they are after shutting the House down for 17 days. Thus far The Crazy Caucus has abandoned Ukraine, stood up for wealthy tax cheats, increased the deficit by $12 billion while claiming they did not, and attempted to censure a Democratic Congresswoman for not toeing the line on their Armageddon fantasies of Jewish folks being killed and Jesus coming back. Truly despicable as is the lame ass attempt to expel George "The Imposter" Santos before he's convicted of anything. Bad precedent folks. The guy is dead meat anyway and will only serve to make you campaign money.

The polls are meaningless at this point. The election is a year away. So what if Biden is tied with Trump in Nov 2023? Trump has plenty of time to keep yapping his treasonous mouth and jizz up his rather dimbulb base of deplorables. But every time he opens his yak, he does not gain any votes, he loses them . Keep talking Donnie. Now is Biden too old? Absolutely. Should he quit the race? Absolutely. I don't want 82-year-olds in charge of anything. But the choice is clear to people who say both the 81-year-old and the 77-year-old are too old, and the meaningless polls show this, that Biden wins that race 61% to 15%. So, who's panicking? Not me. Not now.