Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Cowardice Of The Republican Party!

Ive lived in Nebraska all my life other than a year or two in other places close. I remember the Nebraska State GOP holding convention after convention full of old gray haired stick in the muds afraid of progress. I remember them sticking with Nixon right up to the bitter end. I remember one of our illustrious United States Senators being the last holdout to support Nixon. Its quite frankly embarrassing what comes out of this state's GOP as far as candidates go. In the 60's and 70's we had a US Senator proclaim OUT LOUD that an unqualified Supreme Court nominee should be approved because even mediocre citizens need representation. We have been so embarrassed by some of these simple minded Republican puppets we actually went through a period of electing Democrats to state and federal offices. But since the formation of the Tea Party and the choosing of sides that occurred in about 2008, hmmmmmm wonder what happened then that sparked this return to Republican dimwits?

So now, in 2018, we have a talking hard boiled egg as a Governor, a rancher welfare queen as a Senator and another US Senator so goofy he has a second job as an Uber driver. We have an Attorney General who thinks his only job is to kill people, keep casinos out of the state, keep legal pot out of the state, and defend corporations from pesky consumer lawsuits. We have two nobody Congressmen from dying farm town districts and one whose main qualifications are a stupid grin and a propensity to run from crowds of angry constituents.

This is what the State GOP gives us and of course, because its all about cult over country now, that R next to their name is all that matters.

But the cowardice of these candidates came to the forefront yesterday when at the annual gathering of snowbird Nebraska Republicans all the elected officials ran and hid when by a vote of 109-101, the state of Nebraska GOP voted to condemn Robert Mueller's investigation of their cult leader in chief, Donald F Trump. Calling Muellers investigation a "perversion of equal justice", this band of elderly cultists also condemned any Republican who aids in the investigation as “notorious and unfit for office”. This all comes when the inmates run the asylum. The allegedly "responsible" GOPers who sit on the Resolution committee unanimously voted to table this idiotic screed supporting a madman and his lawless activities. But the GOP hypnotized faithful refused to listen and by that narrow vote placed themselves directly into the cult. Say hello to Alex Jones y'all.

Once again, this was done after all the elected leaders of this death cult party left the venue as to avoid being tarred with this nonsense. I can hear the faux concern now as these spineless cowards deal with the cult of elderly bitters who make up most of this party. Its quite frankly sad yet terrifying that a gang of so called normal heartland values allegedly nice people have fallen into the death stare of an authoritarian nutjob traitor. Since when did "real America" become Russian stooges? Oh yeah, when the black man won.

The Nebraska GOP Convention. Just as dull as always yet taking an even duller turn. To dull fascism.

Go back to Arizona and stay there.

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Anonymous said...

I have been in Grand Island for the last several years. It is amazing to see the tub of flavor aide be drunk from so freely without any irony as to the detrimental effects of the policies of this last few decades, and from outwardly rational and educated people that rail when a corporation screws them over, but can twist it into Obama's Big Gov't or Hillary's Benghazi Death Squad as the source of the problem. Thank you for the quick history!