Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fark Off Father!

When you get passed in progressiveness by the likes of Ireland you really have to take a step back and say huh?

Ireland has voted 2 to 1 to overturn their 8th Amendment banning all abortions except for the life of the mother. Two to one. 67% of the Irish said fark off to the Catholic Church and to leave women's bodies the fuck alone. In recent years Irish voters have also legalized divorce and gay marriage also sticking the proverbial finger into the Bishop's eye. Voters did this. You see, even in countries dragged kicking and screaming into modern times, the voters know whats the right thing to do. Especially the youngsters who all this actually affects. You see, 87% of young Irish voters said yes to repeal a constitutional amendment intent on oppressing them specifically. Divorce? Yes, it affects them also. No more ya cant take a punch just like yer mother,. Gay Marriage or as the gays call it, marriage,? Yep the youngsters have no passion for keeping young Seamus and young Patrick from being who they are. So they vote to repeal bans placed on all of it by old controlling fiends with a hankering for white male supremacy.

What are we doing over here in the states? Led by a vocal minority of old shriveled up white males and their female collaborators, this country, the beacon of freedom, cannot wait to turn ourselves into 1950's Ireland where belting the wife and kiddies was part of dinner time. Back to the days when the gays stayed in the closet, women were stuck with brutal losers staying one step ahead of the gutter, and forced birth was the law for the sluts who got pregnant as a consequence of laying down with uhhhhhh men?

Trump's America. A 71 year old narcissist who has paid for gawd knows how many abortion shoots off his mouth to a load of Evangelical phonies intent on instituting the Handmaids Tale in reality. Oh how they conveniently ignore this. Poor Tiffany. They also ignore this. Poor Playmate. Evangelical traitors are just like the ones they profess to exorcise from the earth. They dont care if the devil himself imposes what they want. The payoff of their souls to the Satan in Chief show the utter non belief in their own bullshit.

Over in Iowa, you may have heard of Governor Kim Reynolds (Gender Traitor-Ia) signing a blatantly unconstitutional law banning abortions at 6 weeks or whenever the fetal heartbeat starts in the jelly bean sized "person". Reynolds, a true self hating nitwit, caters to the pro-life con artists wishing to impose their fetus loving will on everyone else while they ignore starvation and filthy water and children being kidnapped by Trump's Gestapo.

Kudos to the Irish youth. If only the youth here in the colonies could get off their asses and do the same thing. Oh I know how energized the youth are to throw these baby boomer creeps out of office per every story I read. I will believe it when I see it and I hope to see it!! Its all that keeps me going.

Meanwhile across the pond to my ancestral home we go for a very important message.

Ireland to Vatican. Fark off!

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Anonymous said...

i'm only second generation on my dad's side. I do hope my Irish Grandma is looking down, smiling, and flipping the bird to the Church.