Saturday, June 15, 2024

America, Land of The Gun!

 What kind of red blooded American alpha male conservative truck ownin goateed backwards baseball capped MAGA man wouldn't wanna shoot a machine gun? The Supreme Court, a fully owned and operated subsidiary of Nazi memorabilia collectin Harlan Crowe and the NRA, overturned an ATF Trump era decision (Christ they got one right) to ban bump stocks. A device that if applied properly to your big ass weapon, turns it into machine gun so you don't stress your fingers too much when you're killing dozens of innocent people cuz of freedom. 

SCOTUS, led by the always delightful luxury trip taking Clarence Thomas, voted 6-3 to take that ban on the bump stock away because of unelected bureaucrats or some such shit. Unelected bureaucrats have no power to ban WMD's, only the shit throwing monkeys of Congress can do that. Ya know unelected bureaucrats, like SCOTUS.

Thomas wrote the majority opinion and overthought it because he knows he's an ignorant buffoon, He threw in diagrams about triggers and firing mechanisms to pretend he knew what he was talking about when we all know some gun group did it for him. Why, it cant be a machine gun, he wrote, because it just isnt or something.

Sonia Sotomayor, a much more clear-thinking justice, dissented with the familiar duck analogy. If it quacks and walks like a duck it's a fucking duck. If it acts like a machine gun and kills dozens in 11 minutes, it's a fucking machine gun. 

The 1934 law outlawing these machine guns is clear. Congress said no private ownership of machine guns, mostly because gangsters were killing each other and cops with them. Yeah, Congress passed that law back then because they had common sense. Today's Congress would pass a law mandating them along with providing human targets like the homeless for its gun groups that own them. Sotomayor, with her duck argument, provided common sense dissension, but Thomas and the other 5 conservative knuckleheads got all technical and used semantics to overturn the ban in a way in which they can say hey it's not that we love bump stocks (which they do) but it's a bureaucratic snafu that forces us to do so (wink wink). This allows the gun fondlers to tell you how ignorant you are of why the ban was overturned as they rush to Clarence's Gun Shop to buy as many bump stocks as possible for the coming race war or whatever it is these freaks are paranoid about this week.

Yes, its back to open season on large gatherings. I suggest wearing Kevlar vests and helmets whenever you go anywhere there's actually people. The wingnuts and mentally ill misanthropes have been rewarded with yet another opportunity to go out with a bang.

Meanwhile at Newtown High School in Connecticut a graduation ceremony was held for the graduating class of 2024 minus 20 of their fellow classmates who were murdered by an assault weapon toting asswipe back in 2012. The dead 6- and 7-year-olds names were read, and moments of silence were observed for each. Somewhere Alex Jones was crying not for them but for his own bankrupt ass.

Congress did absolutely nothing after 20 6-year-olds were massacred and 6 teachers were slaughtered for protecting them. Nothing. Proving that this is not a serious country. If anything has been accomplished by the Congress of 2012 to now, it's that it made mass murder by gun even more likely.

2012's Sandy Hook child meat grinder may have been the start of a Congress, thru gerrymandering and the dumbing down of American voters, has become nothing but a body full of shit throwing monkeys whose solution to stopping mass murder is to arm everybody. It's like they admit Americans are just savages unable to stop hoarding guns for The Road or whatever these Fox News watching zombies think is coming.

If a gang of bought and paid for sycophants for the gun lobby won't respond to a massacre of 6-year-olds with anything other than false flag bullshit and oh well shrugs, nothing will ever happen. 

"Freedom" is deadly.

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