Saturday, October 9, 2021

Debt Ceiling "Showdown"!!

 This stupid debt ceiling (dont ask what it is I have no idea nor apparently do most Republicans) "crisis" has been solved till at least December when this bullshit will all go down again. Because Senate Republicans are bound and determined to bring down the Biden administration and hopefully the entire nation by being a cockblocker ad nauseum.

I've often criticized Democrats, so afraid of "offending" people who keep sitting on their chest and saying stop slapping yourself. So scared of "offending" a random T***P voter who would justify fire bombing "Democrat" HQ's and attacking them on the street as far left radicals or whatever the latest Josh Hawley (Traitor-Va) insult they remember. 

But Thursday evening after the debt ceiling "crisis" was avoided with phony Republican help the wet noodle leader, Chuck Schumer (Sweaty Handshake-NY), stood up to speak. And the Noo Yawker in him came out. Now he didn't walk over to each Republican Senator and say "fuck you" and "fuck you too" to each one as I would have preferred, but he did show a version of pissed off Chuck I've never seen.

Schumer called out the Republican seditionists for taking the country to the brink of default as a cheap political stunt and even called out by name that turtle looking evil motherfucker, Moscow Mitch McConnell, by name. As he did this , the Republicans clutched their pearls, put their hands over their mouths and fell onto the fainting couch provided by Lindsey Graham (Tiny Little Coward-SC). Oh mah stars. A "Democrat" tantrum. Thats so out of line. Meanwhile as Schumer spoke his mind behind him was Joe Manchin (R by proxy-WV) put his head in his hands, and making sure he was on camera, made his eyes go back in his head, and acted all "offended".

Willard "Mittens" Romney walked over to Schumer afterwards and said it was no time to be ungrateful as if him sitting behind Hawley glaring laser beams thru him as Hawley back on 1/6 carried on with his doe eyes staring lovingly at the camera praising a band of trash, arsonists, anarchists, and goateed white criminals who tried to kill Mittens. 

But Manchin ( Drug Profiteer-WV) was the cats pajamas of pretend victim. Manchin ,who WILL switch parties at some point , called Schumer's speech "fucking stupid". He got up and walked away during the speech, again after making sure he was on camera, Walk back to Huntington or Charleston or wherever the fuck you're from, Joe.

But McConnell, the utter epitome' of evil, the guy who openly roots for the destruction of democracy, the guy who lies for a living, the guy who gets a boner from power, the guy who despite having a 32% approval won re election in a landslide, the guy who makes Kentucky look dumb as hell, the guy who gets off on poor people getting evicted, this motherfucker was the worst. Swearing the Republicans would never help again the country avoid default, McConnell, who apparently allowed the filibuster to die so the actual vote could take place, in other words he blinked, Moscow Mitch did Putin's work for him yet again.

This is getting uglier by the day. Mars Attacks is getting more desirable. 

Chuck, they hate you already, they will never come around , the base will kill you if they ever get a chance, let Pissed Off Chuck rule.

Nuke them NOW.

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