Monday, July 26, 2021

The Woodstock 99 Doc!

HBO/Max dropped its Woodstock 99 documentary over the weekend and though at my age of 60 something I still have a Woodstock 1969 poster on my wall, the 1999 version I barely remember and all I could recall was they started fires and shit.

So I watched it on Saturday. Oh My Gawd! To me this was the beginning of MAGA. The crowd was massive, at an old abandoned Air Force base in Rome,New York. Promoted by the same meatheads who promoted the 1969 and 1994 versions but THIS time they were going to make money, goddammit. The attendees, basically angry white males in their late teens and early 20's there to see heavy metal bands, some good some shit, drink, get laid, and cause trouble. The documentary begins with the planning, the obvious greed of the original promoters, the ass kissing all is well boisterous attitude of the Rome mayor, openly battling complainers of the rowdy poor preparation.

It began on a Friday night when DMX took the stage and did his song "All My N****s" the crowd chanted the N word with reckless abandon, happily, merrily and like they've said it many times before. Now I'm not the demo for hip hop or rap but of somehow I wandered into a show and the star urged me, a white guy, to chant along with him that word, uhhhh sorry, not happening. But to see thousands of white people screaming that word was not a good sign for the future.

The subsequent groping,  sexual assault, disrespect and eventually the rape of numerous women should have that shit down THEN. The lack of facilities, the lack of water, the greed, and the fact people were rolling in what they thought was mud should have shut that shit down THEN. But alas.

Saturday came and Kid Rock got things started. He was a dick then too by the way. Alanis Morissette did a set right before Limp Biscuit which makes no sense. The foreign objects flying out of the crowd at her made me fear for her safety and it happened 22 years ago for chrissakes. 

Fred Durst is a meathead. His band stunk. His message was thuggery and frat boy bullshit. And he got it going big time that Saturday night. Even when asked to tone it down by officials cuz shit was gettin real out there, he egged it on even more. Nobody likes this guy.

Sunday culminated with the inevitable violence. The frat boy angry white males began acting like animals. Looting and pillaging and raping and starting fires. Hey Red Hot Chili Peppers with Flea up there swinging his dick around , maybe playing Hendrix's Fire wasnt such a good choice.

This documentary was fascinating. Maybe its taking it too far to think these same animals at age 20 were the same 40 year old animals trashing the Capitol on January 6th but I really do think this was the start of MAGA. Rolling around in shit at Woodstock 99 to smearing it in the Capitol isnt that big a stretch.

Watch it.

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