Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Return Of SnarkNado!

Well there she is. Everybody's favorite schoolyard mean girl bully. The cocktease who gets the Republican doughboys all hot and the Republican doughgirls all confused.

The Quitta from Wasilla back onstage with her lousy open mike comedy club speech dazzling the dummies at CPAC2014 with her rhymin and talkin and jokin and bitchin. Oh what a speech it was, entertain the true believers who think a genuinely stupid person should lead the nation back into the days of white dominance and pure ignorance. Go Tea Party!

Finally reading at an appropriate level,but at least reading somethng finally, The Moosiah continued the GOP's fascination with Dr.Seuss by reading (I assume) some Green Eggs and Ham, CPAC style. Totally wrong of course. Not fact based of course. And not funny, of course.

Sarah Stoopid also went all mean girls with a shot at John Kerry's face. Why.The.Long.Face. Brilliant observational humor there, Corporal Obvious. The mean girls in the audience went crazy between gnawing on a homeless person's leg. Geez, there's nothing about Ms.Perfect anybody could make fun of, right Four Eyes?

Bible Spice continued the CPAC Putin love with the mind boggling rootin for Putin vibe that this convention of wimpy strongarm wannabees seems to want. No, Obama uses executive orders and is a dictator while man hunk Putin goes to his Parliament and gets approval to brutally suppress the Ukraine. I'm swoonin for Putin.

The Half Governor then went on to dismiss all the white men to go play "racin video games" while she talked to the white "sisters". Uh, oh. now it's really gettin dumb. The mens all playin video games and the wimmens listening to the Twit of the North's wisdumb. The IQ of that room just got sucked dry.

Reading from a teleprompter just like Nobama (shhhh)the MILF (Moron I'd Like To Forget)told the assembled group of self hating women that it's not the GOP who goes all Putin on them (oh my) but its the Democrats who treat them like "cheap dates". Cheap date? Really, Half Baked Alaska? Maybe we should ask the Fab Five all about that term.

Oh please, GOP. Please. Nominate this person for your 2016 loser tour. The thought of Caribou Barbie out there again on a daily basis amuses me to no end. Because unlike that CPAC convention of weirdos and twitching home schooled geeks who somehow every year convince themselves that 10%= 51%, the rest of us know the Mean Girls act only goes over until the vast majority wakes up and pops the bully in the mouth. Hey, Moosealini, bullyin is out of style. It aint the playground in Skagway where you are pushin around the kid with Downs Syndrome any longer. Nobody will put up with you. Your 15 is up. And Karma is a bitch.

But the one thing I drew from Chick Cheney's diatribe that hit home so much? Todd Palin has got to be the most miserable man on the flat earth world of Snowjob Square Glasses. Or the biggest masochist. Poor Todd.

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